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The term "Beauty Sleep" has never been this exact - or scientific as it is now with the help of your iPhone.
We all know sleep is an important component to how you look and feel - especially your skin.
So that's why I was really excited to try the new Sleep Cycle app.  This is a genius idea that uses the iPhone's accelerometer to measure your movement during the night - and then wakes you during a light sleep rather than your deep sleep phase.  What does this all mean for you - well, it means that you won't wake up startled, cranky, or hopefully exhausted in the morning.  The Sleep Cycle app finds a good time to wake you up with your choice of music or ambient sounds, in a soft, then slightly raised sound level until you actually click the off button.
In order to use the app, you must place your iPhone face down under your sheet (near your pillow is good) near your head, and then lie down.  The first time you use it, remember that you'll need to do a test by turning over a few times to calibrate the app.  After you've done this, it's smooth sailing.  Just set your alarm for the time you'd like to wake up (the app will wake you up within a 30 minute window.  e.g. If you set the alarm for 7:00am, it will wake you up between 6:30-7:00am depending on how deep of a sleep you are in.  The final step is to make sure your iPhone is plugged in and then begin your happy dreaming!
One of my favorite things to do each morning after waking was to look at my daily "sleep report" in the form of a graph.  It shows the approximate times I was awake, in light sleep and in deep sleep phases throughout the night.  It also gives a % of the quality of of my sleep, which, improved for me with 8+ hours of sleep, (with more that half of that in the deep sleep phase).
After the alarm goes off, you can also "rate" how you feel in the morning by choosing your face that expresses it best (smile, neutral or grumpy!) and it will also take your heart rate and add it into your daily sleep report.
I think this app can really help those of you who have problems either waking up in the morning or getting a good night's rest over all. Before you set the alam at night, the app will also ask you about factors which can affect sleep quality like, did you: drink coffee?, eat late?, have a stressful day?, etc. This can help you monitor your lifestyle and make changes which you can see instantly with your sleep reports.
What's insteresting is after using Sleep Cylcle now for several weeks and getting my sleep reports, I find that I naturally either wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off on the "early" end of the timer, or I wake up within the 30 minute window feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. - RLB
 Go-->Sleep Cycle available in iTunes .99c
.*This app was provided by SleepCycle PR for reviewing purposes.

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