Beauty Find - Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

If you're a true 2-in1 beauty product lover, then Stila Stay All Day Foundation + Concealer is the perfect combination for a natural, luminous complexion. It's easy to use, easy to match and long lasting - what else could you want?

First, the foundation formula is very good. It's a silky, cream texture and a medium coverage formula which you can use with a beauty blender, or larger foundation brush, to build up to a full coverage. The foundation remained lightweight on my skin, and the finish was perfect for me- not too matte, with a bit of dewiness. 

If you have more serious skin issues like redness and acne, this will also do a nice job of blurring and covering them up. I had a nice color match with the Warm shade, and overall I think this line has a good amount of shades that will fit most women of all skin tones, nicely. This will work best for those with normal/combination skin. I also loved the included concealer in the top cap portion (genius idea!).

The concealer formula is extremely pigmented and just as creamy as it is dense, so a little goes a LONG way. There are a few ways you can use it. Sometimes, on the weekends for a casual look I simply applied it in a spot manner just on my desired areas (without the foundation at all). I also blended it into the foundation itself, particularly for the under eye area (my favorite way). For an on camera finish, I added it more thickly after the foundation for more complete coverage.

Whichever way you choose to use it, this is also a very long lasting foundation. I had no rubbing off, melting or flaking during the day, and had fresh coverage for at least 8+ hours a day. I also found that it photographs very well too!

The included brush head is a bit small for my taste on a daily basis, but I did find it useful on a recent trip to cut down on the amount of beauty products I needed to pack. - RLB

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