Body Care Find - LIERAC Sensoriel Hydratation Set With 3 White Flowers

LIERAC Sensoriel Hydratation Set With 3 White Flowers is one of  the most complete skin/body experiences you'll find in just two products.
The set contains Lierac's cult product, Sensorielle Oil, which is a true treat.  This oil has a fantastic feel and texture, with a scent that is just divine.  The oil comes in a beautiful, classic glass bottle, but has a pump, which I found so convienent for getting the perfect amount of oil out to apply each time.  The texture of the oil is very unique - it's not exactly dry feeling, but it's not over "oily" in feel at all (there's a bit of a gel texture).  It glided on to my skin and absorbed instantly leaving a beautiful fragrance, shine and no heavy or sticky feel at all.  My skin felt soothed and pampered and the hydration lasted all day (even in FREEZING Winter temps). 
The oil contains Hazelnut, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Argan Oil, and the beautiful scent is from a blend of Camelia OIl, Jasmine and Gardenia extracts.  It's a scent which is prominent, but not overwhelming and fades nicely throughout the day, still leaving just a trace that I loved gett a whiff of. This is a perfect set of products for travel when you don't want to bring any additional perfume with you, as this is all you'll need.
It's is also a multi-purpose product, as the oil can be used on the hair to calm frizzes or quench dry ends, or just to run though hair for a bit of sheen and a fragrance re-fresh.  If you have very dry skin on your face, this also make a lovely nighttime oil to be used after cleansing.  You can use it to give yourself a nice face massage and breath in the lovely floral fragrance as well.  In the morning, your skin will still have a faint trace of the scent, and will be smooth and plump.
A few other uses are to add to your bath oil, as well as to give yourself a oil massage-pre shower to lock in moisture even further for very dry skin (amazing used with the accompaying Lierac Sensorielle Bath Gel).  I also liked using it as a cuticle oil before bed, with it giving my nails a nice shine after buffing it in as well.
As mentioned above, the Sensoiral Shower Gel that also comes in this set, carries the beautiful floral scent as well.  It lathers nicely and leaves skin soft, not stripped after rinsing.  I loved teaming the two products together for my morning shower - such an amazing scent and hydration experience!  In the shower gel, the floral scent is slightly stonger, and yet relaxing at the same time.  It also made the bathroom smell incredibile long after the shower was over.  The set is a great deal for the two full sized products (you're basically getting the shower gel for FREE since the OIl alone would cost you $40), and also makes a nicely packaged Valentine's gift for the fragrance lover in your life.
This is going to be one of my go-to body care sets for years to come. - RLB
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*This product was provided courtesy of Lierac PR for reviewing purposes.

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