Drugstore Buy of the Week - Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm

There's good news and bad news about this week's Drugstore Buy of the Week, Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm.
The good news is that this little cherry scented balm is reasonably priced, a moisturizing multi-tasker and very cute!
The bad news (for my US readers) is that it's sold in primarily every major drugstore/mass chain OUTSIDE of the US.
I discovered this line while in Europe recently, (The Oriflame line is very popular in the UK, most of Western and Eastern Europe). The line can also be found in some parts of Asia, Africa and South America.*
FYI: For those that are not familiar, Oriflame is a Swedish beauty brand most comparable to Avon/mark Cosmetics in the United States.  They develop makeup, skin and body care, nail products, hair care, fragrance and men's grooming products as well for sale via catalogue, online for European customers and in most European drugstore chains, like Boots, DM and Spar.  
While this may at first just look like a lip balm, it's actually much more that that.  This is a light, yet moisturizing product which is fantastic to use on cuticles, elbows, eye lashes and of course, dry, chapped lips.  Although it's a very small little vial (15ml), it's very concentrated and just the tinniest swipe on your fingers allows it to spread easily on any area.  It absorbs instantly and my lips felt so soft and smooth. The Cherry scent is very soft, sweet and yummy - but not cloying or artificial.  I loved using this before bed at night, especially to continue smelling the scent!  The finish is semi-shinny and it feels very lightweight on the lips.  This wears well as a hydrating layer under lipstick as well.
The packaging is also quite adorable, as they all contain a nice message on the inside of the box.  The Cherry says "Treat Yourself" in lovely handwriting.
For those of you who have experienced how yummy Blackcurrants are in Europe, their Blackcurrant Tender Care Protecting Balm (shown, left),  is equally as fantastic! - RLB

Go--> Available online for European delivery and in most drugstores throughout the UK, Western/Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Check online for your country's Oriflame site for more information.  http://global.oriflame.com/landing.jhtml?landing=/V3
*If you're not planning on traveling outside of the country and have friends/family in the areas where Oriflame is sold, have them ship you a few of these!  It's worth it :)

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