Hair Care Find - Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish

Miss Jessie's has become the lifesaver of MANY a curly girl over the years - no matter what type or length of curls you have.
Now they've just put their hat in the ring for an overall amazing conditioner which will be the godsend to girls with ALL hair types that need serious moisture - and added smoothing and shine.
Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish, is the latest product in their hair care lineup, and their first ever leave in conditioner.  The bottle, as you can see is not as big as some other conditioner on the shelves these days - but thankfully it doesn't need to be.  This product is very concentrated and has a PERFECT amount of slip.  For most people, about a quarter's sized amount with be enough.  It's meant to be used on freshly washed, damp (not soaking wet!) hair. This product just simply glides on and then absorbs into the hair like a dream - instantly. 
I should also mention that this product has another unique, and fairly prominent scent, much like their original Curly Pudding and their Soft Pillow Curls. This time I would say it's a very "soapy", fresh, slightly citrus scent that may remind you a bit of a fabric softener sheet.  I happen to love this sent, as well as it's lingering effects after hair dries, (but if you do not like heavily scented hair products, I would wait until this possible comes in an unscented version).
This is a breeze to use with all curly hair types, particularly if you just "wash and go".  Curls are completely moisturized without feeling greasy or heavy, frizz free, soft, shiny and bouncy.  If you don't have curly hair, you'll still get the moisturizing, smoothing and shiny effects, even after blow drying/flat ironing.
Another great way to use this product for those of you with curly hair is to just make a "refresher" treatment for when you curls have a bit of frizz, are dry, or just need a boost.  Simply dampen hair, squeeze out about a dime's worth of the conditioner, rub hands together and evenly distribute.  Then let air dry or blow dry hair with a diffuser for a few minutes.  You can also use it daily by combining a bit of the Leave in Condish and water together in a small spray pump bottle.
I promise you, after you've tried Miss Jessie's latest, you're going to be hard pressed to use another leave In Conditioner. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Miss Jessie's PR for reviewing purposes.

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