Beauty Find - Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care

So...I know some of you may say there's NO lip balm worth $50.

But, depending on what you're looking for - the answer is yes, there absolutely is one, and it's Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care.

First, if you're a lover of all things CHANEL, this is one of the chic-est lip balm pots, complete with the black lacquered finish and double "C's" on the lid.  In addition, there's actually quite a lot of product in this pot.  What I loved most is the feel of the balm.  It's a bit of a cream/gel hybrid which felt slightly oily on my fingers, and then immediately turned into a cushiony soft cream on my lips.  It absorbed very quickly and had a nice, delicate floral/green apple scent. The finish is semi-shiny and hydrated my lips immediately.  The basis of this product is the Camellia plant (CHANEL's signature flower) and it's oil, which has many hydrating properties.

This made a fantastic base for lip sticks/lip sheer products, particularly on very cold, dry days this winter, and I also loved using it before bed for an overnight lip treatment.  My lips were smooth, soft with no chapping or flaking during the day.  Honestly, I found myself reaching for this little beauty every day...

If you'd like to "trade up" your current lip balm, or just treat yourself to a non-fragrance CHANEL product, this is a nice addition! - RLB


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