Budget Beauty Find - Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask With Natural Charcoal


A beauty treatment that takes only ONE minute is certainly worth investigating, don't you think?
And Biore's new Self Heating One Minute Mask with Natural Charcoal, was the perfect way to spend a minute!
The charcoal in the mask works to help draw out excess dirt and oil in the skin, so this is ideal for those of you with combination skin and very oily, acne prone skin as well. The masks are also conveniently designed so that they come in single-use packets.  This makes it easy to toss into your gym bag or for travel.  The pack contains the perfect amount to apply all over the face, but I have to note that, if you have drier portions of your face, you may want to avoid these areas, as the mask does have a "drying" action, and will make skin feel a bit tight after rinsing. 
So, for me, since I liked using it primarily just in my t zone, I was able to use just about half of the packet and save the remainder inside in a small zip lock to apply a few days later. The mask is applied to wet skin and then massaged for one minute.  Then all you have to do is rinse off.  The texture is rather different in that it's a bit grainy (from the added charcoal).  The mask also has a very pleasant, slightly citrus scent, that was very refreshing and nice.
Now on to that warming action.  This mask does get REALLY warm, I would say on the cusp of being hot (but not burning the skin).  I found this to be a nice feeling (especially on cold mornings!) and the mask remained warm all the way through until I rinsed it off.
After rinsing off, my skin was soft and smooth, and felt very refreshed and clean. The pores around my nose were completely cleared out. My skin felt a bit tingly and the more oily parts of my skin were left nice and matte (as I said this is more geared toward oily and acne prone skin rather than dry). 
This is a perfect skin care treatment those of you with oily skin who need a little additional help clearing out white heads/clogged pores - and don't want to spend a lot of time getting results. - RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Biore PR for reviewing purposes.

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