Drugstore Buy of the Week - Revlon by Marchesa File N Peel

Revlon and Marchesa have teemed up on a brilliant idea - that won't set you back more than $5.00! Revlon by Marchesa File N Peel are standard size nail files with filing board layers so that you can use and then when the file is dull - simply peel off to reveal a new nail file underneath. 

The grain and texture of the file is perfect for doing for heavy duty filing, as well as more gentle shaping. There are six layers for the file. I picked up the black/gold version, and plan on getting the navy/white as well. 

The design is the perfect compliment to the Marchesa brand - they are so pretty and decadent you may find yourself buying all three designs to collect as well. - RLB 

Available at Target in store.

For more info: Go--> Revlon by Marchesa File N Peel   

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