Fragrance Find - CHANEL No. 5 Bain Moussant

If you or a fragrance lover in your life LIVES for anything CHANEL No. 5, this latest product is yet another great way to impart a subtle version of the classic scent.

The CHANEL No. 5 Bain Moussant (Foaming Bath) is perfect for layering the fragrance for all day presence, and can be used either in the bath or as a shower gel.  If you're more a soap person, click here for my feature on the CHANEL No. 5 Soap. Note: If you want a formula meant specifically for the shower, the CHANEL No. 5 Cleansing Cream is another option)

The scent is subtle enough to work perfectly mixed with water, and the bubbles are soft and silky without the soap drying and stripping skin.  This is a perfect option for hot, sweltering
summer days when you want an easy, light way to wear fragrance. I personally loved pairing this with a bit of the CHANEL No 5 Essential Bath Oil afterwards for moisture and a spritz of the CHANEL No 5 Eau Premiere on my out of the door in the morning.  

The CHANEL No. 5 Foaming Bath is also a great way to try - or expand your perfume collection for a fraction of the price of the original CHANEL No. 5 Perfume if you're on a beauty budget! - RLB

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