Drugstore Buy of the Week - Crest Be Toothpaste Mint Chocolate Trek Flavor

Chocolate lovers - this could very well be your dream product.

A multi-benefit, fluoride toothpaste that tastes and smells like...CHOCOLATE! 

Actually, it's even better (for me at least) because it's Mint Chocolate, one of my favorite combinations. The new flavor, Crest Be Adventurous Toothpaste, Mint Chocolate Trek is one of 3 new toothpastes from Crests' new Be line.  This line of toothpastes feature unexpected and expressive flavors. 

Crest Be Adventurous Toothpaste, Mint Chocolate Trek was very tasty indeed. What I think is great about it is that the chocolate flavor is that they created it so that it did not overwhelm the minty flavor (which I definitely equate with fresh, clean teeth and breath). The longer I brushed, the more those mint flavors opened up in my mouth, and when I rinsed, while I did still have the chocolate lingering, my teeth felt minty fresh and super clean! 

 As for the chocolate flavor, it is very good - but I would equate this more with a very good "powdered hot chocolate" type of flavor, rather than the chocolate taste in a high quality chocolate bar. Blended with the mint, I definitely got an "after dinner mint" effect once I had mixed with water and begun brushing. 

Not into chocolate? No worries, there's a very yummy Vanilla Mint and even a Lime Spearmint, which I also personally love because it reminded me so much of a Mojito (one of the few mixed drinks I actually like). 

Another plus with this line? The little ones will definitely not complain about brushing their teeth at night with this toothpaste because they'll have so much fun experiencing the flavors. :) 

Go-->Crest Be Adventurous Toothpaste, Mint Chocolate Trek, 4.5 oz 

 *This product was provided courtesy of Crest PR for reviewing purposes. 

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