Fragrance News - Angel and Alien Perfume Fans Can Now Refill At The Source Fragrance Fountain

Leave it to creative mastermind Thierry Mugler to turn something as ordinary as the concept of liquid refills e.g. at a fast food soda fountain - and turn it on it's head to suit his most famous luxury fragrances, including Angel and Alien.

The Thierry Mugler brand is bringing their fragrance fountain, called the Source to deparment stores near you.  The Source allows you to bring in your used up bottles of Angel or Alien and have them refilled by an attendant for a discounted price.  This allows you to save money (The refill is about $30 cheaper than buying a new bottle), and be kinder to the environment by reducing the waste of your old bottles being thrown out.

The best part is that you don't even have to wait - you can get your bottle refilled and even get custom samples made for you right on the spot.

So all my Angel and Alien fans - as soon as you're out of your favorite bottle, remember to stop by your nearest Thierry Mugler counter and just get a "refill" :) - RLB

Go--> Available at Thierry Mugler fragrance counters and Sephora stores.

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