Drugstore Buy of the Week - Caress Fresh Collections Body Wash, Emerald Rush

Caress Fresh Collections Body Wash, Emerald Rush

 Caress has just launched the perfect trio of body wash scents just in time for the warmer temps and spring season. They are called the Fresh Collection body washes and they feature amazing, long lasting fine fragrance blended with a moisturizing formula which will not only make you - but the actual shower/bathroom also smell just as good.

Caress Body Wash, Emerald Rush,(shown, above) was my favorite in the line (it's also the favorite of singer Kelly Rowland, recently named the newest Caress Fabulista!). 

The body was has a thick, rich, gel consistency, with an emerald green color like that of the bottle. It produces lots and lots of moisturizing lather and the mix of Gardenia floral, with it's uplifting white tea and citrus, was a joy to use in the morning! It rinses off very easily and clean, but left a nice layer of moisture on my skin that didn't feel sticky or like a film. This particular scent also comes in bar soap form for those of you who prefer soap, and producers similar effects with the scent, lather and moisture. 

The two other scents (shown, left) are: Aqua Sparkle, which also has a lot of white floral, but is a bit sweeter with fruity notes. 

Juicy Escape is for those of you who love your bath scents sweet and fruity, but it also has a touch of grapefruit and some florals so that the sweetness doesn't overwhelm. 

So if you're looking for a new, uplifting scent experience in your shower, especially post work-out, this is the line to try. - RLB 

Go-->Caress Body Wash, Emerald Rush, 18 fl oz  

Go-->Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle, 18 fl oz 

Go-->Caress Body Wash, Juicy Escape, 18 fl oz 

*These products were provided in conjunction with a Caress PR promotion.

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