Hair Care Find - Miss Jessie's Multi Cultural Curls

What's great about this new product from Miss Jessie's isn't just that it's a fantastic styling product for curly hair, but that it celebrates and recognizes the growing number of men and women globally who have curls that are "multi-textured" (whether they are bi-racial/multi-ethnic or not).  These are people who may fall somewhere in between curly and very curly, curly and straight or curly and wavy, and need just the right balance of moisture, hold, shine and frizz control.

This was tested on a tester with very thick, shoulder length 3A + 3B curls (Please refer to this chart for guidance on curl types).  As directed, we used the cream on washed and conditioned hair (I love the Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish too!).  We applied about a silver dollar's sized amount to the hair, starting on the ends and the back of the hair, where her frizz most often begins.

The cream smoothed the hair without weighing it down, and allowed us to brush out easily with a special wide tooth brush.  I loved the natural, citrus scent and the frizz control was excellent during the day. It gave hair a nice, natural shine and the hair felt moist and hydrated throughout the day.  We got great results with air drying as well as using a diffuser.

I love that this product can replace at least 2-3 products that many curly haired people usually use in their daily routine, and a little goes a long way, so if you have shorter curly hair, you can start with about a quarter-sized amount and take it from there if you need more.

Here's to yet another genius product that every curly girl and guy can have in their beauty arsenal!- RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Miss Jessie's PR for reviewing purposes.

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