Hair Care Find - Uniq One All In One Shampoo & Balm

Uniq One Shampoo & Balm

Today's hair care find is for those of you with color-treated or chemically processed hair.
Uniq One All In One Shampoo + Balm is, in theory, a "next generation" cleansing conditioner. 

If you've tried cleansing conditioners before, you know that they're generally creamy, and offer a lot of benefits, especially for those whose hair is dry and/or tends to frizz.  But they also can make some people's scalps too oily, not clean product build-up well enough, or not conditioner very dry ends well.

Uniq One, which is Sulfate Free, manages to address these issues and also provide some additional benefits, such as: heat protection, color protection and added shine.  The best way to use the thick, creamy shampoo is to thoroughly wet hair, and then massage a generous amount (if you have very long hair, take the time to fully coat all your strands) into the hair and scalp.  Note: If you're new to cleansing conditioners, please note this shampoo does not lather very much, but don't take that to mean it's not cleansing your hair!

After massaging in, leave in for a few minutes while you finish the rest of your shower.  After rinsing, hair will feel soft and clean - but not stripped in any way.  After rinsing out, hair feels smooth and silky with lots of natural bounce and shine. The hair is also scented with a lovely, light blend of slightly spicy and green notes (which was quite unique). The amount of moisture was very impressive and it also tamed the frizz while air drying.  It has the perfect balance of moisture and gentle cleansing power.

If you have travel plans to a tropical destination and want to cut down on the amount of products you pack (while protecting your color or chemically treated hair) this is the perfect product. 

Also, this can be used daily, making it ideal for those of you who visit the gym regularly and like to wash you hair afterwards. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Rickys NYC PR for reviewing purposes.

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