Drugstore Buy of the Week - Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Olive Oil + Lemon

Something drew me to this Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Olive Oil + Lemon lip balm flavor when I spotted it in a store recently - could it have been a subliminal reminder of the Lemon Roasted Chicken or Lemon desserts I often love? 
I was certainly intrigued by how a more "savory" flavor/ingredient combination would work in a lip balm, and more importantly on the lips - and I'm so glad I took a chance!
I love using Olive Oil-based products for overall skin dryness, and this certainly was a welcome ingredient in this lip balm. The balm stick itself even has a very light green olive color (matching the outer case) which I thought was a nice little detail. 

Even with the presence of the oil, as soon as I applied it, my lips felt smooth and slightly slick to the touch, but very hydrated without any greasiness. Seconds later it was fully absorbed and provided a perfect base for my other lip color products.  I also loved using this as a nighttime lip conditioning treatment and woke up with soft, supple lips in the morning.
The scent/taste is more on the "green/herbaceous" side of olives/olive oil than lemon, but I could still detect some subtle crisp lemon notes, which was very nice.  Honestly, I think this is 1 of the best performing Nivea lip balms in their line up, and it's my current daily go-to lip balm. 

Stock up on these when you're able to find them in drugstores/mass merchants (they didn't seem to be in many stores in my area) or, better yet,  head on over to drugstore.com and order today! - RLB

Purchase Here: Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Olive Oil + Lemon, .17 oz

Beauty Find - Malin + Goetz SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

If you suffer from dry or even extra dry skin - and still want great sun protection, MALIN+GOETZ SPF 30 Face Moisturizer, 1.7 oz is one of the best all in one products for your skin.
This moisturizer has the texture of an silky, medium weight lotion - but it packs a  big punch with a LOT of hydration and moisture.  It has the perfect combination Shea Butter, essential fatty acids and even Chamomile to protect skin again irritation.
After I applied the lotion there was a noticeable layer of lotion on my skin which didn't feel sticky or greasy - but was the perfect antidote for very dry, flaky skin.  Note: this is an ideal product to apply for normal or slightly dry skins right before boarding a long flight to protect your skin from it's drying air. 
Within about 2-3 minutes the lotion fully soaked into my skin and it felt soft and balanced. 
This lotion has an SPF of 30 and also includes green tea antioxidants and 5 natural vitamins, making this an ideal every day lotion.  Although it's not a large tube, it's so concentrated, it will last even with daily use for 3+ months. 
I also appreciated that this lotion didn't give my skin a white/grey cast in daylight and was sheer enough once fully absorbed to work well with any type of foundation/BB or CC cream that I chose to layer over it. - RLB

 Go-->MALIN+GOETZ SPF 30 Face Moisturizer, 1.7 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Malin + Goetz PR for reviewing purposes.

Organic Beauty Find - COOLA Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray

Summer weather and bright sunshine have found their way to many of us here on the East coast in the U.S. - and that means that sunscreen and protecting skin from sun damage is officially on many people's minds again.

This week's Organic beauty find is from COOLA, which is a brand I really like (and have featured their facial sunscreen before).  This spray sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and a nice, light, fine mist.  For those of you who also want to mix it up a bit from the standard sunscreen scent, you can have that with this Citrus Mimosa version.

The scent is lightweight and dissipated within a few minutes, but it's great because it reminded me of a nice light version of a cocktail that wasn't overwhelming (it's a natural blend of orange, lemon and tangerine peel oils) .  Because the spray is so fine, I also didn't need to go back over legs, arms, etc with my hands and blend it in.  

This is a "go to" sunscreen for my little sporty spice as it's easy to get to the back of the legs, arms, etc. that can sometimes be easy for kids to overlook (and adults too!).  I also love the turquoise blue packaging -  It's so bright, cheery and easy to identify in your beach bag/travel bag to take out quickly.

After I applied it, the spray felt completely sheer and lightweight gave my skin a nice sheen, but no oily, greasy or sticky feeling.

This is the perfect Organic* EASY sun protection product for your summer and vacation needs. - RLB

*Made with 97 percent organic plant inactive ingredients.

Purchase Here: COOLA Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 - Citrus Mimosa 8 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of COOLA PR for reviewing purposes.

Reader Giveaway! - Vaseline Men Spray Lotion ‘Grooming Kit’

This giveaway has now ended.

Our friends at Vaseline are offering a Men's Grooming Kit prize pack to a lucky Palacinka Beauty Blog reader (or to gift to the favorite man in your life!) from their brand NEW Vaseline Men Spray Lotion Collection.  

This special Spray Lotion 'Grooming Kit' includes:

  • Vaseline Men Spray Lotion - Fast Absorbing
  • Vaseline Men Spray Lotion - Fast Cooling 
  • Men’s G-Shock Watch
  • Men’s toiletry bag

All you have to do to enter is send an e-mail to:

2. Write in the subject line: Grooming

3. Include your: name, address and telephone number. That's it!


The deadline for entries will be Friday May 30th, 2014, at 12pm midnight EST.

The giveaway is open only to US residents.

Only 1 entry per person please.

Good Luck! - RLB

Budget Beauty Buy - Nugg Face Masks

If you love a little bit of luxury - without a hefty price tag - then look no further than the new skincare line nugg

Their products are travel friendly, high performance and cater to a wide variety of skin care needs. While not an organic range, you can feel great that their formulas use natural oils and extracts. The masks also feature an innovative Oil Dispersion Technology, which eliminates the need for additional chemicals in the formula to bind the water and oil in the masks. 

The line includes masks for dry skin, sensitive skin, dull skin, tired skin and more. Each mask is housed in a small single-serve cup* (.33 fl oz) which protects the mask from oxidation. To open all you have to do is peel back the pointed corner (shown, above). All of the masks in the line are clear and fragrance free with smooth, thick textures which give it a luxury feel. 

 *Note: Even after applying a very generous amount of the mask, I was still able to get another 3 uses out of it, which make these a real deal! ($2.99 each). I put the remaining mask in a small zip lock bag and stored it in the refrigerator. (I did make sure to use them up within the week however). You could transfer the remaining mask contents to a small plastic, airtight container as well. 

 My favorites were the Exfoliating with Cranberry Seed Oil and Jojoba Beads. This is the only one that has a more granular texture due to the beads. It was very gentle yet effective while I massaged it in to get the exfoliating effect. Then I left it on for about 10 min. After rinsing the exfoliating mask, my skin was smooth, and glowing with no irritation.These were so easy to use I made them a part of my morning skincare routine when I had a few extra minutes and was always happy I did. 

Other great masks were the Revitalizing with Flaxseed + Peppermint Oil which was fantastic in the AM, as well as the Hydrating with Camellia Seed Oil + Spirulina Extract, which I loved using in the evening before bedtime. 

With summer holidays right around the corner, stock up on a few of these for easy skincare while on the road and share some with your beauty loving friends as well! - RLB 

 Go--> Available at Target.com, Target stores nationwide and nuggbeauty.com.

*These products were provided courtesy of nugg PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - L'Occitane au Brésil Jenipapo Shower Oil

In the spirit of the upcoming 2014 Brazil World Cup, I've got a new L'Occitane Brazilian sourced and influenced body care product that's fantastic.  It combines amazing fragrance with lots of moisture - perfect for the upcoming beach/pool days ahead!
For those of you who have never heard of Jenipapo, it's a Brazilian citrus fruit tree. This limited edition line uses it's extract in the products. The L'Occitane au Brésil Jenipapo Shower Oil has a very unique and distinctive fragrance that I would describe as: melon, pineapple and orange with white flower and very green, leafy notes note blended in.  I liked it because it was not "Island cocktail drink" fruity, but did give me a sense of summer, beach time and the subtle sweetness associated with many sun protection creams.
Because of the oil formula, the shower oil is low sudsing and turns into a milky foam, but I still felt that it cleansed thoroughly.  The best feature was the lovely moisture that was left behind while applying it and even after rinsing.  The oil rinsed cleanly and left my skin smooth with a sheen - but without feeling too oily or gummy.  If you have normal/slightly dry skin this will be all you'll need in the way of moisture post shower - so it's also a time saver.
The lovely fragrance is prominent in the shower and it did linger a bit after rinsing, but it faded gradually and subtly.  For a greater dose of the fragrance, the companion products, (mentioned below) are perfect for further moisture, sun protection and keeping the Jenipapo extract scent with you during the day. - RLB

The Jenipapo line also includes: Jenipapo Oil Roll On, Face Veil SPF 30, Protecting Body Oil SPF 15 , Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF 20 and Lip Balm SPF 25.

*This product was provided courtesy of L'Occitane PR for reviewing purposes.

Super Cute! - mark Nail This Look Nail Lacquer and Flip-Flop Set

In this series of beauty and personal care product finds - Super Cute! - I share with you products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too.

What a genius idea!  Now you don't have to worry about matching your pedicure nail shades to your summer sandal choice- mark has done all the work for you and packed it together as the mark Nail this Look Nail Lacquer and Flip-Flop Set.
This set comes with embellished coral faux stone accented flip flops (which have a very comfortable molded foot bed) and tropical leaf design.  You can add the blue Azure shade, which is a creamy, mid-blue to some of your toes and Nudist, which is a cream beige shade to the others.  Or just do them all in one or the other depending on your mood. 
Of course, these shades also look great on the nails, and I loved the beige for a manicure in particular.  They are tiny bottles, but the formula is very pigmented and smooth, so just 1 coat gave me a full color with lots of shine.  Combined with a top coat I got about 4-5 days of wear before any chipping.
Snatch this set up now while you can and be beach/pool party ready all summer! -  RLB

Go-->mark Nail this Look Nail Lacquer and Flip-Flop Set 

*This product was provided courtesy of mark PR for reviewing purposes.

Hair Care Find - RickyCare 4x4 Brush

Over the years I've told you about a few of Ricky NYC's innovative combs which help with frizz and smoothing hair.

Now, they've got a new brush that's perfect for the curly girls in particular, but will work on straighter/wavy hair as well.

It's called the RickyCare 4x4 Brush and it's perfect for detangling curly wet hair because the teeth are designed with different lengths, which allow them to bend quickly and glide more easily through the hair.

This brush is great for scalp stimulation/massage and helps also cut down on hair breakage since the bristles are precise but gentle and flexible.

I found the brush easy to hold with it's half-moon shaped handle (bonus: works for right handed and left handed people!).  It's very lightweight and a small enough size to fit
in most purses, travel bag and gym bags.

Pick up a few of these for the family and little ones too! - RLB

Go--> RickyCare 4x4 Brush

*This product was provided courtesy of Ricky's NYC PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact

Not only are CC Creams not "over" - there are brands, like Clinique, that are actually creating new versions of them, for a wider variety of skin care needs.

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge CC Compact is perfect for the woman with drier skin, who's on the go.  This compact is very simple and well designed.  The compact is thin, and fairly long, but still fit in the palm of my hand.  The sponge and cream are on the same level of the compact, along with a mirror at the top, which makes this ideal for quick touch ups, or just getting out of the house quickly in the morning.

The CC Cream itself was creamy, light and smooth and easy to apply, with no pulling or tugging on my skin, both with the enclosed makeup sponge, as well as a beauty blender/foundation brush.  I used the shade Deep  (shown, above) with very good results.  I did apply a moisturizing serum before hand, and if you have very dry skin I would recommend using your normal moisturizer as well.  However, if you're more on the combination side, you can actually just use the CC Cream and you'll have enough moisture.

This formula gave me the moisture I needed in my drier areas, along with a very nice, natural satin matte finish that I loved. It felt so lightweight there was no heavy make up feeling at all. The product set almost immediately after applying it and did not smudge, fade or flake during the day. While this does offer medium coverage (I didn't personally need concealer when I used it) and some color correction, it can also be used with concealer if you need additional coverage for very dark circles, for example.  

Another bonus - it also has SPF!  This is really a perfect 1-stop-shop for quickly pulling together a polished complexion effortlessly. - RLB

Go-->CLINIQUE Moisture Surge CC Compact Deep 0.35 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Clinique PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove DermaSeries Collection


For many people in the U.S., (particularly on the East Coast who went through a brutal winter this year), the ravages of the cold, dry air, snow and wind are still showing up, even in mid-spring, in the form of dry, sensitive and flaky skin, as well as Eczema flare-ups.
Dove has a new line of products I was introduced to a few months back called the Derma Series, and are now available in store. This line offers real, effective skin care for those of you with Eczema, chronically dry and/or sensitive skin.
The entire line includes heavy-duty moisturizers like 12-hydroxystearic acid, which works to replenish skin lipds and provide intensive hydration and relief.

There are 5 products in the collection (pictured, above left).

There are 3 Cleansers:
Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cleansing Bar
Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser 
Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser
And 2 Moisturizers:
Dove DermaSeries Intense Repairing Body Cream 
Dove DermaSeries Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment 

I was very impressed with the line overall.  All of the products are unscented, have smooth, soft and creamy textures and most of all - hydrate like nobody's business!
Two standouts in the line are: the Dove DermaSeries Rough Patch Treatment (pictured, above).  This product can be used on many areas - including dry elbows and knees, as well as dry patches on the neck that often occur with Eczema.  However, it's on the feet where this product really shines!
Note: This is admittedly the one product in the line that has a texture that's a bit less luxurious than the others - but believe me your skin will thank you for it.  This product is a petroleum jelly/cream hybrid in texture.  It does feel thick and greasy out of the tube, but magically within seconds of applying and rubbing into my feet, it absorbed into my skin completely without a trace of greasiness, stickiness or oily feel.  My feet looked - and felt, as soft, smooth and glowing as a baby's.  

This is also the perfect product to apply after an at home pedicure, or at night before bed to wake up with soft, smooth feet. I could see/feel the effects of the moisture from this product throughout the day as well.  This is a MUST have product in my opinion.
The second standout was the Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser, which is a non-sudsing creamy, hydrating cleanser that not only soothed and cleansed my skin, but rinsed completely while leaving behind the perfect amount of moisture. I used this on many a chilly AM to fight any dryness and tightness that I felt, and on several occasions when I had a small patch or two of sensitive/irritated skin.  The Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser  has a similar feel and effectiveness and is also a great product to have on hand for dry body skin issues.
All those with dry skin/eczema - rejoice!  Relief is really here with reasonably priced products from the Dove DermaSeries line. - RLB
Go--> Available now in most Drugstores nationwide.

*These products were provided courtesy of Dove PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find NARS Lip Gloss (Reformulated)

I'm not always a lip gloss girl. As a matter of fact, weeks can go by and sometimes I find I haven't worn any at all (with the exception of testing them for this blog of course!). 

But when I do reach for a lip gloss in my off time, it MUST have beautiful pigment, be lightweight, creamy and most of all - non sticky. NARS recently reformulated their entire line of lip glosses, and I tried one of their punchy orange shades for summer, NARS Lip Gloss in Wonder. I was very impressed and you will be too! 

Wonder, is a true, orange-coral and fine shimmer with pink and gold accents and no scent/flavor. I felt this was a very flattering shade, (particularly for those with brown/tan skin) and made all the better by the fact that it was so creamy and moisturizing. I could wear it on it's own - or over a more neutral lipstick and felt like my lips had hydration/protection during all day. 

There was a lot of pigment packed in this gloss - so my lips were drenched in color, and the staying power, particularly for a gloss, was fantastic. The shimmer is fine enough that this worked for both day and night.  As for the new texture - it was so smooth and non-sticky it felt like I almost had nothing on my lips. 

Wonder is a shade that did not change with the line reformulation, but there are several in the line up that are a bit different, so if you're wondering how big the differences are, head out to your Sephora or NARS boutique and try a few - you'll be glad you did! - RLB 

 Go--> NARS Lip Gloss Wonder 0.18 oz 

 *This product was provided courtesy of NARS PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray

Skindinavia has made a name for themselves over the years for their great setting and finishing sprays - perfect for making makeup last, as well as fighting the oiles in the T zone.
Now they've turned their attention to a spray that you can apply before you apply makeup - an innovative spray primer.
I love the idea of spraying a primer - especially on a busy morning, to help provide a smooth, hydrated base for makeup, quickly and effortlessly.
After cleansing, I sprayed about 2-3 pumps of the spray on my face.  I loved how soft and fine the mist was.  The spray felt light and dried quickly without any sticky or gummy feel, which was key.
This spray doesn't contain an SPF, but it is packed with vitamins, is silicone-free for those of you who prefer this type of formula, and it's even hypoallergenic, which is important for those of you with more sensitive skin.
I felt this provided a great base for any makeup I used - liquid, cream or powder and it did keep my makeup looking fresh during the day, while also providing some additional hydration as well.  As for oil control, while I did need to blot about once during the day, my t zone was also noticeably more matte as well. 
If you're going for a natural look, this can also be used on it's own to refine the skin and provide hydration and protection. Their 4oz size is great for travel or to keep at the office.  

And if you have very oily skin or need a primer for very humid conditions, there's also an oily skin version for stronger oil control- RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Skindinavia PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lipstick, Grandifolia

Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lipstick will make you smile if you love rose colored shades, rose scented products - and especially if you love luxurious, creamy, pigmented lipstick. 

After falling in love recently with the Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library, I knew bite had a great eye for creating beautiful, flattering lipstick shades and combining it with lip care ingredients/technology and lovely texture. 

Grandifolia (shown, above) is a stunning blue-red with pink undertones shade that simply "lit up" my face each and every time I wore it. I was very impressed with the unique feel and texture. It has full, opaque coverage, but actually feels more like a lip balm going on. It's smooth, ultra moisturizing and creamy. And as for staying power - wow! Even though this is not billed as a stain, my lips retained lots of saturated color hour after hour after my initial application. 

I only had to touch up once after my initial application (even after multiple drinks and meals during the day), and that was later in the evening. This is pigmented enough that about two layers was enough for a full vibrant effect. If you only want a touch of brightness, then one light layer, or application with just fingers will give you a casual "Popsicle" stained lip effect. 

And last but not least, this is a scented lipstick - and the rose fragrance did not dissapoint for me. I absolutely loved experiencing it when applying. However, even if you're not used to fragranced lipstick, this might still work for you, since it's such a fresh, authentic Rose petal scent, and it does not linger  - it essentially dissipates after the initial application. 

Once you get hooked on Grandifolia you may find yourself wanting the 3 other shades in the collection too! - RLB 

Go-->Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lipstick Grandifolia 0.15 oz 

*This product was provided courtesy of bite beauty PR for reviewing purposes.

Nail Polish Find - Essie Nail Polish, Fashion Playground

Although I love light green nail shades for Spring and Summer and loved essie nail color, in fashion playground as soon as I saw it - in the back of my mind I thought I already had something like this. 

But as it turned out, when I checked in my rather vast polish collection (including all my Essie's ) and I still couldn't find anything exactly like it - which was great to know!

Fashion playground reflects the colors of the season, yet has a chic retro feel (like those retro princess phones or typewriters from the 60's), that can take you though many times of year and occasions. 

This particular green shade is a bit more on the Mint green than Pistachio side.  But another way this different from some of the light green shades on the market is that this shade has a very subtle shimmer (seen more in natural daylight).  The shimmer is a very fine silver and plays with the green in the color to make it also look more blue at times.  It's a really unique, pretty shade.

The formula is on the thicker side and very creamy, but in order to get a true Opaque finish, you'll need two coats.  The first coat was a little bit streaky, but once I applied (a thicker) second coat, it was beautiful, even and shiny.

Any polish lover will want this one in their collection - and if you've never ventured into pale green shades before, this is a great one to start with. - RLB

Go-->essie nail color, fashion playground, .46 fl oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Essie PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Gillette Venus Snap Razor

The latest Gillette Venus is not only CUTE as a button, but the perfect solution for shaving while traveling or post gym, for example.

Gillette Venus Snap Razor is only about 3 inches long, but has a thumb sized handle which allowed it to fit easily into my hand. Note: If you're used to shaving with a normal sized razor, this may take a little getting used to in terms of moving it around easily. But after my first shave it felt as normal as the full sized. With the closely spaced 5 blades, my shave was very close, nick-free and smooth. The moisturizing strips also protected my skin and prevented any irritation or dryness afterwards. 

I also love the blue compact case that comes with the razor, which allows you to store the razor while allowing it to air out and not get anything else in your bag or shower caddy wet/sticky, etc.

Stock up on these for upcoming summer trips and or add into a graduation gift bundle for a soon-to-be college student for dorm life! - RLB 

 Go-->Gillette Venus Snap Razor, 1 ea 

 *This product was provided courtesy of Gillette PR for reviewing purposes. 

Mother's Day Find - Tocca Cleopatra Collection

I've found over the years that for a beauty gift (or Mother's Day gift!) for the fine fragrance lover, you really can't go wrong with a fragrance or skin care product from Tocca.

Although I've tried a few products in the Cleopatra collection in the past, the picks today are perfect for a Mother who likes florals, but is willing to explore something a little more daring and sensual.

Cleopatra as a scent is equally spicy and floral, while at the same time having very fresh notes.  The fragrance features cucumber, White Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Vanilla Musk and grapefruit, which develops into a slightly sweet floral with a spicy warm dry down.

I always enjoy Tocca hand creams, and believe me  Tocca Hand Cream Cleopatra will be a hit with your Mother. The hand cream is extremely moisturizing, but still absorbs quickly.  

My hands felt so soft and silky after using. This is also a great treat to use at night before bed and for an at home manicure. 

Other great products from the line to add on to your gift package are the Body Wash and Body Scrub  (not shown) and of course the Eau de Parfum. - RLB

Go-->Tocca Beauty Crema da Mano - Hand Cream Cleopatra 4 oz Hand Cream
Go-->Tocca Beauty Cleopatra 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray
Go-->Tocca Beauty Cleopatra Bagno Profumato Body Wash 8 oz

Fragrance Notes: 
Bitter Grapefruit, Lush Greens, Cassis Bud, White Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Tuberose, Warm Patchouli, Golden Amber, Rich Vanilla Musk.

*These products were provided courtesy of Tocca PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Votre Vu Spring 2014 Shades

This Spring Votre Vu has several shades for both lips and eyes that will allow you to create looks inspired by a French woman's sense of style, while also pampering yourself with good-for-you ingredients and sun protection.
First up are two great neutral shades of the French Kiss Moisture Rich lipstick: Colette (shown, above), which is a flattering, universal brownish/bronze shade with a touch of pink and Lisette, which is a more light peachy-brown.

These lipsticks are so smooth and the color sets on the lips perfectly. They are moisturizing and have a nice, natural finish with a touch of shine.  They are flavored with a subtle Vanilla-Mint, which is also yummy!
If you want more shine or just a glossier lip shade, then their two latest Lip Lustre Vitamin E. Lip Glosses are perfect. Sultry is a shimmery bronze shade and Tender (shown, left) is a Coral-Pink shade I loved pairing with the Lisette lipstick when I wanted a touch more shine. 

These glosses are ultra lightweight, smooth, non-sticky and very moisturizing.  They are also very pigmented, so just a touch with add beautiful color that looks great on it's own as well.
For a neutral eye palette, their Palette Play (shown, left) was filled with four shades I used daily: New Canvas (the matte shade), Pale Earth (satin), Pretty Penny (the shimmer shade) and Rich Bronze (the other satin shade that makes a lovely eyeliner as well).  These four shadows work perfectly together, or alone for more natural look.  The deeper browns are perfect for shading/contouring the eyelid as well as lining, and they apply smoothly.  The staying power was very good - lasting most of the day on me before I saw any fading or creasing.
The Le Joli Crayon eye pencil is soft, smooth but has the perfect amount of pigment for defining as well as smudging color around the eye.  Their shade, Chocolat (shown, left) is perfect with the other Spring shades and also has all day staying power. It's a medium-deep brown with a touch of red undertone. Once it's applied, it's pretty much budge proof and smudge proof.  If you're looking for a slightly lighter eye liner shade for Spring/Summer, Chocolat is perfect.

Treat yourself to this lovely French feast of makeup this spring! - RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of Votre Vu PR for reviewing purposes.

Super Cute! - TONYMOLY Beauty from Korea

In this series of beauty and personal care product finds - Super Cute! - I share with you products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too.

If you like to have a bit of fun with your beauty routine (while still using effective products) then look no further than the far east...but this time Korea! It also doesn't hurt if you're a Hello Kitty Fan :)

TONYMOLY is a Korean beauty brand known for it's outstanding, effective skin care and cosmetics, all housed in unique adorable packaging!

I recently got a chance to try a wide variety of their products and I must say I've very impressed. The formulas, fragrance and quality are very good - and keep in mind that most of the products in this line are under $10 too!

Here's an overview of some of the products I loved from the line:

The TONYMOLY Petite Gloss Bar (shown, above) was a surprisingly moisturizing lip tint with a smooth, creamy texture, beautiful light natural color (I used the cherry shade which is in the picture).  It had a feel similar to a Chapstick, but it was very light and the color payoff was excellent.  My lips stayed moist and soft throughout the day. I think I'll be getting a few more, plus some a little gifts for my little sporty spice and other little budding beauty lovers in my life.

The TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist (shown left) is one product from this line I know I'll keep ordering!  It's a refreshing, hydrating facial mist which gives a lightweight layer of moisture to the skin that doesn't dry sticky or get flaky. The scent is also so refreshing, light and calming - think a milky green tea fragrance, which dissipates after a few seconds.  I loved using this in the morning as well as in the evening just to refresh my skin.  This would is great for travel and the gym due to it's small size (about 2.5 in).

The TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Stick was also a stand out and so convenient!  The scent, (shown, left) is called Green Tea Pom Pom, and it's the perfect light blend of tea notes and a touch of green citrus. The staying power is just a few hours, but because it's pocket sized, it's easy to reach for touch ups when you want an extra whiff of this great scent.  

There are 2 TONYMOLY Fruit Hand Creams in the line, housed in realistic fruit shaped jars!  I loved the peach (shown, below left) as well as the cult classic apple.  Each was rich, creamy texture that hydrated and absorbed quickly, leaving my hands soft without feeling greasy or sticky.  The scents are true to each fruit - the peach smelled excitably like real peach and the apple smelled like freshly picked apples - amazing!  This is another great product to buy several of and give as little beauty treats.
The next two products are specifically for the face and these were also a joy to use!

First, the TONYMOLY Tomatox Brightening Mask (shown, above right) which is made from real tomato extracts is housed in...you guessed it a cute little Tomato container.

It was creamy, thick and gave my skin a refreshed and toned appearance (this one didn't really smell like "tomato" per se, but it did have a green, scent).  I loved the glow I had after rinsing it off!

TONYMOLY The Appletox Honey Cream (also shown, above, right) not only smells exactly like apple, but it also contains smoothing, exfoliating anti-oxidants like black honey, manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis. I loved using this as my night cream and woke up with soft, supple skin every morning.

Go-->You don't have to go far to experience all the goodies in the TONYMOLY line.  They are available at Urban Outfitter Stores in the U.S., UrbanOutfitters.com and Amazon.com. -RLB