Budget Beauty Buy - Nugg Face Masks

If you love a little bit of luxury - without a hefty price tag - then look no further than the new skincare line nugg

Their products are travel friendly, high performance and cater to a wide variety of skin care needs. While not an organic range, you can feel great that their formulas use natural oils and extracts. The masks also feature an innovative Oil Dispersion Technology, which eliminates the need for additional chemicals in the formula to bind the water and oil in the masks. 

The line includes masks for dry skin, sensitive skin, dull skin, tired skin and more. Each mask is housed in a small single-serve cup* (.33 fl oz) which protects the mask from oxidation. To open all you have to do is peel back the pointed corner (shown, above). All of the masks in the line are clear and fragrance free with smooth, thick textures which give it a luxury feel. 

 *Note: Even after applying a very generous amount of the mask, I was still able to get another 3 uses out of it, which make these a real deal! ($2.99 each). I put the remaining mask in a small zip lock bag and stored it in the refrigerator. (I did make sure to use them up within the week however). You could transfer the remaining mask contents to a small plastic, airtight container as well. 

 My favorites were the Exfoliating with Cranberry Seed Oil and Jojoba Beads. This is the only one that has a more granular texture due to the beads. It was very gentle yet effective while I massaged it in to get the exfoliating effect. Then I left it on for about 10 min. After rinsing the exfoliating mask, my skin was smooth, and glowing with no irritation.These were so easy to use I made them a part of my morning skincare routine when I had a few extra minutes and was always happy I did. 

Other great masks were the Revitalizing with Flaxseed + Peppermint Oil which was fantastic in the AM, as well as the Hydrating with Camellia Seed Oil + Spirulina Extract, which I loved using in the evening before bedtime. 

With summer holidays right around the corner, stock up on a few of these for easy skincare while on the road and share some with your beauty loving friends as well! - RLB 

 Go--> Available at Target.com, Target stores nationwide and nuggbeauty.com.

*These products were provided courtesy of nugg PR for reviewing purposes.

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