Drugstore Buy of the Week - Gillette Venus Snap Razor

The latest Gillette Venus is not only CUTE as a button, but the perfect solution for shaving while traveling or post gym, for example.

Gillette Venus Snap Razor is only about 3 inches long, but has a thumb sized handle which allowed it to fit easily into my hand. Note: If you're used to shaving with a normal sized razor, this may take a little getting used to in terms of moving it around easily. But after my first shave it felt as normal as the full sized. With the closely spaced 5 blades, my shave was very close, nick-free and smooth. The moisturizing strips also protected my skin and prevented any irritation or dryness afterwards. 

I also love the blue compact case that comes with the razor, which allows you to store the razor while allowing it to air out and not get anything else in your bag or shower caddy wet/sticky, etc.

Stock up on these for upcoming summer trips and or add into a graduation gift bundle for a soon-to-be college student for dorm life! - RLB 

 Go-->Gillette Venus Snap Razor, 1 ea 

 *This product was provided courtesy of Gillette PR for reviewing purposes. 

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