Drugstore Buy of the Week - Soft + Dri Aluminum Free Deodorant

For those of you who are continually looking our for Aluminum Free Deodorant  (that REALLY works), I've just discovered  Soft + Dri Aluminium Free Deodorant, Powder Fresh

While many aluminum free/natural deodorants fail because they don't have that essential element which effectively "plugs" the sweat glads to prevent perspiration (the aluminum), this product is a big WIN because it's ingredients effectively fight odor by targeting the bacteria that cause it - and work to maintain a dry environment for underarms.

The texture is a solid, smooth light pink transparent gel and it glided on my skin nicely.  The scent was fresh and clean. While having classic baby powder notes, it was a bit more of a green floral, so it made it much more sophisticated for me.

Note: Since this is not an antiperspirant, as expected, I did experience some wetness on occasion, but I was very impressed with how little I experienced, given there was no aluminium in this formula.  And as for it's long term odor bacteria-killing powers, it worked 100% - I smelled clean and fresh all day long.

Bonus!  These are only about $2 US, right now on drugstore.com - so if I were you, I'd stock up now for the summer time. - RLB

Go-->  Soft + Dri Aluminium Free Deodorant, Powder Fresh, 2.3 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Soft and Dri PR for reviewing purposes.

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