Hair Care Find - RickyCare 4x4 Brush

Over the years I've told you about a few of Ricky NYC's innovative combs which help with frizz and smoothing hair.

Now, they've got a new brush that's perfect for the curly girls in particular, but will work on straighter/wavy hair as well.

It's called the RickyCare 4x4 Brush and it's perfect for detangling curly wet hair because the teeth are designed with different lengths, which allow them to bend quickly and glide more easily through the hair.

This brush is great for scalp stimulation/massage and helps also cut down on hair breakage since the bristles are precise but gentle and flexible.

I found the brush easy to hold with it's half-moon shaped handle (bonus: works for right handed and left handed people!).  It's very lightweight and a small enough size to fit
in most purses, travel bag and gym bags.

Pick up a few of these for the family and little ones too! - RLB

Go--> RickyCare 4x4 Brush

*This product was provided courtesy of Ricky's NYC PR for reviewing purposes.

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