Nail Polish Find - butterLondon Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat

I've said it before and I'll say it again - not all base coats are created equal.

butterLondon has just upped the ante with their latest butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat.  It's not only an amazing and long lasting base coat, but it also actually manages to act as a "foundation" for the nail bed.

When I applied with medium-thick, creamy, smooth base coat on to my nail, I was very impressed with the every so slight beige tint it gave my nails, along with a natural, smooth finish and shine.  

If you're in between manicures, or are just in the mood for a natural look, this can easily be worn on it's own. I applied 2 coats if I was wearing it on it's own and 1 under my nail polish.

Other great features are how super fast it dries (about a min.), the fact that it's unique, creamy texture actually helps to cover nail splits and peeling, and polish going on more smoothing and evenly (almost like a face primer).

Without fail, when I used this Flawless Basecoat before any home (or salon) manicure, my polish looked like it was freshly painted throughout the week  - without chipping.  And that's even if I had to do a lot of work with my hands.

This should be a permanent addition to every nail polish lovers collection! - RLB

Go-->butter LONDON Nail Foundation(TM) Flawless Basecoat 0.6 oz 

*This product was provided courtesy of butterLondon for reviewing purposes.

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