Beauty Find - Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push-Up Liner

If your tried and true summer time eye liner is a gel liner (pot formula with a eye liner brush), then Benefit Cosmetics Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push-Up Liner will not only give you superior color and long lasting wear - but it's a whole lot easier to apply. 

I'd heard all the hype around this new launch and decided to pick one up. 

I'm a daily eyeliner wearer, and for me, although I'm pretty skilled at pencil, liquid pen, and gel pot eyeliner, I'm always looking for something that will give me the most bang for my buck. Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push-Up Liner is perfect for creating a flawless cat eye/winged eyeliner look. 

The shape of the pen is spot on - it's pen design fit easily in my hands and allowed me for perfect precision. The shape and slant of the top nib mimics the classic gel eyeliner brush. I easily drew lines close to my lash line and created different angles because the nib of the pencil is flexible. 

The gel actually comes out of a tiny opening at the tip of the nib. The texture of the gel is very smooth and creamy, and it easily glided along my lash line. The finish is extremely black and pigmented, and it dries matte. It's perfect for day time/night time and weekend looks. I found there was no smudging, fading or transfer for over 9+ hours (even in very hot/humid conditions). This formula is also waterproof, so if you want a bit of an eye while in the pool or at the beach, you can do it with no worries. Yes, this one is the "real" deal! - RLB

Note: The first time you use this pen, take your time. You need to get used to doing the following with each application: To release the flow of gel, twist the end of the pen a few times so that there is enough gel to line the eyes. 

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