Beauty Find - Clarins Sunscreen Care OIl Spray SPF 30

Last week I highlighted some sun care products I really love, for both body and face.  Today, I want to share with you the new Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray Spf 30.
What makes this sun protection product different is it has the added benefit of being a 2-in-1 product, protecting skin and hair.  That means there's fewer products to pack in your beach/travel bag, and you get the benefits of sun protection everywhere.

Although this is an oil formula, I was very impressed by how lightweight it felt.  Once I sprayed Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray on, I got an instant glow, but it absorbed just as quickly so that it was dry to the touch.  This is perfect to add to dry or slightly damp hair as a protecting pre-treatment before prolonged sun exposure outdoors, or swimming in the ocean or pool.  Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray doesn't leave hair gummy, sticky or greasy either (just a few pumps is all you need though!). 

It left my hair smooth and soft and it also helped tame the frizzes when it was humid.  It has a very subtle orange/citrus scent that's clean and fresh and very much unlike the typical "sunscreen" scent.

This multi-purpose product is a joy to use.  It's sure to become one of Clarins' must- have products for all beauty lovers come summertime. - RLB

Purchase Here: Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray Spf 30

*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins PR for reviewing purposes.

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