Beauty Find - Nyakio Hydrating Eye Cream with Kola Nut

I've raved about some of Nyakio's Kola nut infused skin care recently, and have a great Nyakio eye cream for those who still need an effective eye cream - even in warmer temps.
Nyakio Hydrating Eye Cream with Kola Nut is silky and creamy to the touch, and very concentrated.  Just about a pea-sized amount was all I needed for quick, fast absorbing moisture that immediately soothed my entire eye area.  

This is an ideal formula for those who need eye cream in warmer temperatures, or have skin on the more oily side.  After absorbing, my skin was completely matte with no trace or oil.
This cream, because it absorbs so quickly and completely was also perfect to use under any makeup/concealer. My entire eye area was soft, smooth and toned. I also appreciated that it didn't make other cosmetic products pill, slide off or flake.  I never felt like the cream was clogging my pores and I didn't experience any skin irritation.
If you need moisture, toning and some AM depuffing (I liked storing it in the refrigerator for added cooling benefit) - with no residual oil, this is a fantastic choice made with natural ingredients like African kola nut, Chamomile Oil and the ultra moisturizing Marula Oil.  Worth every penny! - RLB

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