Drugstore Buy of the Week - Johnson + Johnson Safety Swabs

If you're like me, you're probably used to the classic Johnson + Johnson Q-Tips (and perhaps the store brand versions too). 

But I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that many huge celebrity makeup artists were using a drugstore item to smudge out eyeliner to perfection, apply concealer, glitter and
loose eye shadow with ease - and it's been right under my nose this whole time!

Johnson + Johnson Safety Swabs are designed with a special tapered, tightly would but still soft and pliable end that makes them so easy to work with makeup.  I've also found these very useful for applying cuticle cream, skin spot treatments and even exfoliating lips with a lip scrub.  When doing an at home manicure, I prefer using this shape to clean up nail polish mistakes on the fingers as well.  If you love using false eyelashes, try using the precision tip to apply your glue along the lash strip as well.

Of course, I also have to note that these were designed for little babies and small children to safely (this tip shape is very hard to push far into the ear canal) and gently clean their ears and apply topical creams/ointments to small areas.

That means a large box is an inexpensive beauty multi-tasker for the whole family - so stock up! - RLB

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