Hair Care Find - Dark and Lovely Anti-Reversion Edge Sleeker

Soon many of us, particularly in the Eastern and Southern parts of the U.S., will be dealing with 90%+ humidity.  If you have naturally curly, wavy or even relaxed hair, you know that it usually means fighting the FRIZZ monster.

I've recommended a few products over the years that I still swear by to beat frizz, but I've recently discovered Dark and Lovely Anti-Reversion Edge Sleeker, which is a great alternative for when you're wearing a sleek/ponytail style and need to keep the edges of your hair smooth.

The sleeker is a lightweight hair serum which can be used on relaxed, naturally curly or wavy hair that tends to frizz on the edges.

This can be used after blowdrying, or as hair is air drying. It smooths hair down instantly and has just a touch of control so that hair actually sets and lays flat for hours - even in extreme humidity. The effects lasted several days, but if you do find you need a touch up, this can easily be reapplied without a lot of buildup or product flaking on the rest of the hair.  The gel dries clear and remains soft to the touch.

Once it's time to wash, it easily rinses out.  I found that this was best used when in combination with a pulled up, pony tail or bun hairstyle, which the hair has some tension. Note: This is not designed to be used on the full length of hair or on the ends.

I love the mascara-type wand applicator, which makes this ideal for having an spare in your everyday bag, as well as taking in your travel bag for that next tropical vacation! - RLB

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