Natural Beauty Find - Weleda Rose Body OIl

I've shared many of my favorite body and face oils with you over the years, and when an oil combines great (natural/non-irritating) fragrance, moisturizing without oily greasy residue, I always get excited.
Weleda, who makes some of my favorite natural skincare products, Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil has a luscious, yet gentle rose petal scent and this oil applies very smoothly and evenly. The texture is very thick but silky. This is a perfect product to add to the bath, use post (or pre shower if you have very dry skin on your body) shower/bath or add to pulse points for subtle fragrance during the day.  I also loved using it at night as a cuticle moisturizer and even to remover eye makeup.  

I loved reaching for this and immediately having softer, smoother supple skin with that beautiful light rose touch.  With a light touch, this can also be used on very dry hair ends for moisturizing and hair fragrance as well. Tip: If you really want an at home spa treatment, give yourself a full dry brushing, then apply the Rose Body Oil, then shower.  Your skin will be positively glowing when you're done!  Even after using the night before my skin felt and looked hydrated all through the next day.
If you have very dry skin on your face, yes this is also wonderful to use as a fragrance hydrator, especially at night.  It doesn't leave skin extremely greasy or oily looking, but it does add a nice sheen to the skin, which may be better suited for a night time treatment.  Of course, this will also make a terrific aromatherapy oil for massages too.
The oil also combines Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip seed oil and, of course rose flower oil. 
Note: This does come in a glass bottle, but has a very convenient inner ring around the neck of the bottle which allows it to flow out of the bottle more evenly and prevents spills. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Weleda PR for reviewing purposes.

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