Body Care Find - MoroccanOil Intense Moisturizing Treatment

Even in the summer months, those will drier skin will many times still have to work through dry cracked heels on feet, elbows and lower legs.

MoroccanOil, (famous for their Moroccan Oil hair treatment), now has a line of body products which cater to those with dry skin.  One of my favorites is the MoroccanOil Intense Moisturizing Treatment.

This is a thick gel/oil texture that is also a tad sticky out of the tube and when spreading it on feet, for example.  But if you're willing to deal with a little stickiness for a second or two, you will be well rewarded.

My feet were baby soft and smooth after using the treatment (especially overnight) and ready for any kind of summer sandal or open toed shoe. The finish is a nice glowing sheen and it soothed my skin instantly.

This is also great for flaking skin on other parts of the foot, like the bottom, to rub on dry elbows and knees before heading outside this summer.  There's no sun protection in the product, but since it's really meant as a spot treatment, I didn't have any issues using a sunscreen over these areas when applying to my body.

This is one of the best products I've tried recently for cracked heels, persistently dry feet. flaking skin and dry elbows/legs. It's also my go-to product to maintain a weekly pedicure by applying it to feet/toes and cuticles. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Moroccan Oil PR for reviewing purposes. 

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