Body Care Find - Votre Vu Silk Stockings

While the concept of applying a skin care product that would give your legs the effect of wearing stockings is not new, it's also not easy to pull off.

I've found over the years that some products that promise to improve and enhance the skin on legs are are too heavy, don't have a color that works for all skin tones, is not moisturizing enough or contains too much shimmer/glitter to look natural in daylight.

But I was very pleasantly surprised by Votre Vu's latest body care product, Silk Stockings Leg Lustre.  It's a lightweight, hydrating lotion that gives legs a glow - but not over the top color or shimmer, which is all you really need in the summertime.  

The formula comes out of the bottle a pale, shimmery bronze shade, but once it is applied to skin, it becomes much more transparent, with a slight golden color and light diffusion particles remaining.  It gave me the perfect amount of hydration as well (it's infused with Vit. E, Calendula and Chamomile).  

As directed, I applied about a quarter sized amount of my the Silk Stockings on each of my (dry) legs. Then I waited about a minute to let it set before getting dressed.  Once set, I loved the effect on my brown skin - small imperfections and dark discolorations were slightly diffused, and there was a beautiful, sheer layer of glow across my skin, with just a touch of color that looked completely natural. Note: If you are naturally lighter skinned you will have a subtle "tanned" effect as well.

I see this being a beauty weapon for summer rides-to-be, anyone hitting the red carpet or just for added confidence to wear bare legs at work.  I removed the product very easily in the shower with soap/water but during the day I didn't see any smudging or transfer on to my clothes/furniture, etc. 

Added bonus! This also works on arms and decolletage and makes skin looks just as healthy and glowing. This is a must have for your body care arsenal! - RLB

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