Fragrance Find - Strange Invisible Perfumes, Atlantic

Although this is categorized as a Men's scent, it's one that not only I love, but I think many other women will as well.

Like many of Strange Invisible Perfumes, the notes is this fragrance immediately intrigued me for their unique combination, created by founder Alexandra Balahoutis, who practices botanical perfume creation and hand made perfume batches..

The Jamaican Bay Rum and Peppermint notes made this one that I instantly wanted to try for summertime.  But these notes are also anchored by Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Amber.

Conjuring images of voyages and sea adventures, I can see how Atlantic would work very well for women who want a unique, slightly bracing and spicy scent.  On my skin the notes that opened up first were the rum, lavender and some of the warmer notes like sandalwood.  But I noticed that after the initial opening I got some of those fresh peppermint notes coming through that kept it from getting to heavy or sweet on me.  This made it an ideal summer scent for me on slightly cooler, drier days I wanted something that had a bit more heft to it that wasn't a citrus or white floral mix.

The dry down is a slightly warm and woody, with had excellent staying power (6+ hours on me before touching up).  If you're a woman who likes more complex scents that combine a more bracing feel with with warmer notes, I'd pick this one up - and maybe another for the man in your life too.  

Note: I had my hubby try this and not only did it smell quite different on him, but also much more "masculine". So I definitely think this is a unsung "unisex" scent in the lineup worth exploring for the true fragrance lovers - male or female. - RLB

Fragrance Notes: 
Amber, frankincense, sandalwood, Jamaican bay rum, English peppermint, frankincense.

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