Hair Care Find - Miss Jessie's Original DeFrizz Blow Dry Diffuser


If you have curly or wavy hair and have never used a diffuser to dry your hair, this is the perfect time to start.
Miss Jessie's makers of some of my favorite curly girl products, has created their very first hair appliance to quickly dry curly hair and create frizz free, defined curls/waves.  Miss Jessie's Original DeFrizz Blow Dry Diffuser will also work on wavy/straight/relaxed hair when you want more of a textured rather that straighter look from your blow out.
Before I get into how it performed, please note there is something you must know about Miss Jessie's Original DeFrizz Blow Dry Diffuser:
You MAY find at first that your standard hairdryer does not fit into the opening of the diffuser and get frustrated.  However, if you find that the diffuser does not quickly fit into the end of your blow dryer, simply do the following.  1) Place the diffuser with the opening up, stand over it with your blow dryer and push the end of your blow dryer into the diffuser.  You should give it a bit of force, but it will go in.  Once you hear a faint "click" the diffuser has been attached and is secure for you to begin using it. 
If you have very porous hair or thick curls, this dryer will be a dream! Due to the large side of the pronged end of the diffuser, and the deign of the air flow, I found that this cuts dry time down almost in hair (of course your results will also depend on the length and thickness of your hair.).
After washing and adding leave in conditioner, heat protection spray or anti-frizz serum, just turn on your blow dryer and begin drying in your hair in sections. What was also very impressive to me was how smooth and healthy my hair looked afterwards.  This dryer allows you got get defined curls/waves and/or texture, without any frizz whatsoever.
This is the perfect companion product for every girl's blow drying routine. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Miss Jessie's PR for reviewing purposes.

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