Beauty Find - L'Occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Gel

Over the years reviewing hundreds of moisturizers, I every so often come across one where the scent is JUST as impressive as the results.
And L'Occitane's newest, Angelica Hydra Vital Gel, is absolutely in this category.
Actually, the very fact that the gel uses the Angelica plant in and of itself is very interesting.  

Why?  Because the plant, native to France, can grow to a height of up to two meters in just a few days, because of it's exceptional self-hydration properties.  L'Occitane was able to patent its preservation of hydration and, in turn, revitalizing efficacy for the skin. 

For someone like me with a combination skin, this gel formula was a dream!  It was smooth, light and cooling (also perfect to layer on as a face mask after a long day out in the sun or at the beach!).  This gave me the perfect amount of moisture and my skin was hydrated and plump all day long.  This is not the formula for someone who really needs help with fine lines and more pronounced wrinkles, but if you have oily/normal/combination skin and need a great summer moisturizer which will work with makeup and summer heat - this is a great little luxury to have!
The finish is matte and it absorbed within about a minute, while leaving my skin slightly dewy to the touch (but not sticky or oily!).  It worked well under my primer and other makeup, and did not clog my pores or irritate my skin. 
But wait!  What about the scent?, you ask...
It's a gorgeous floral with touches of gentle green notes - perfect to help you feel refreshed in the summer/hot weather. The scent is prominent upon application, and dissipates softly over a few minutes. It's truly one of the most refreshing skin care scents I've experienced in some time. 
The gel is very concentrated, and I only needed about a dime's worth for my face, and even neck.  On super hot days I recommend storing in the refrigerator, especially in the evening after cleansing, for a nice, cooling facial massage before bedtime.  - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of L'Occitane PR for reviewing purposes.

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