Drugstore Buy of the Week - EOS Travel Shave Cream, Pomegranate Raspberry

EOS now has a fantastic summer-travel worthy ready version of it's amazing original EOS Shave Cream.

And it contains the very same, silky, buttery soft shaving cream with not only protects skin, but also hydrates and conditioners at the same time with vitamins and moisturizers like aloe, oat and Shea butter.  Even in the mini version the formula is so concentrated  and dense you only need about a quarter's worth for most of your general shaving needs.

And all of this goodness is just $1.

The Pomegranate Raspberry is a fun twist and great for summer. It's sweet scent with a bit of a citrus mix and it's really refreshing.  This cream can also be used for a wet or dry shave,and either way, you won't experience any irritation or dryness. Because it's a TSA-approved size (1.75 fl oz), you can pack it in your carry on bag for the rest of your summer and Labor Day adventures too! - RLB

P.S. I loved pairing this with my mini razor for the ultimate in packing "light" this summer.
Go-->Available on Target.com and Target stores nationwide. 

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