Health + Wellness Find - Neal’s Yard Remedies’s Organic Greens Complex

Have you gotten into the green juicing craze?

Or perhaps green smoothies are more your thing.

Both have lots of active green veggies that can give your skin a beautiful glow, help curb acne breakouts and help give you tons of (caffeine free) natural energy.

But in many major U.S. cities green smoothies/juices are NOT cheap.
But I've just discovered a easy and much more economical way to look beautiful from the inside out!  

Neal's Yard Organic Greens Complex is a new powder blend which contains active greens and sea vegetables like Spirulina Powder, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Spinach as well as antioxidants like Green Tea Powder, Chlorella Powder, Cherry Powder complex and many more nutrients.

Together this blend gives you a daily dose of minerals that help cleanse and detoxify your body as well.  This blend is suited for those of you who eat Organic, are vegetarian or vegan, and also provides a natural source of soluble fiber and non-animal protein.

How easy is it to use?  Well, you simply add a heaping scoop (included in the bag) of the green powder to a smoothie base (I used Almond Milk/Banana/Stevia powder), hot water for a tea beverage, or stirred into hot water and then poured over ice with a touch of almond milk (or the milk of you choice) and some sweetener for a healthy tea latte on a hot summer day!  

Keep in mind this powder will turn your beverage REALLY dark green, so if that turns you off visually, but you still want all the nutritional benefits, I suggest adding it to a daily smoothie where you use
ice/milk/yogurt/berry fruit to alter the color and make it more appealing.  This can be mixed with a spoon into a beverage, or added to a blender.

I used this powder at least once a day in a beverage and immediately noticed how much less I craved a morning coffee - I had a nice steady amount of energy, and personally, loved the taste when blended into a smoothie or tea latte. 

After about 3 steady weeks of using it, I can say my skin looked very healthy, clear and glowing. Also, because this is in a strong sealed soft pack, this is the perfect solution to "on the so juicing" while you are traveling or at the office.  As long as you have a liquid to combine with it, and perhaps a sweetener, you're good to go.- RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Neal's Yard for reviewing purposes.

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