Halloween Beauty Find - e.l.f. Vampire Beauty Book


Have a Halloween party coming up but not a lot of time to find a full fledged costume?
e.l.f. to the rescue!  Now you can be a classic, sexy, goth - or terrifying Vampire with their easy-to-use e.l.f. Vampire Beauty Book.

For only ($6!), you get the following:
  • A step-by-step guide for diva looking makeup for both day and night. (1 look is featured below)
  • 8 neutral/reddish shades to create various eye looks.
  • eye shadow brush.
  • lashes with glue, 
  • eye liner,
  • blood red lip gloss.
You can get some ideas with their tutorial below, or you can be creative and try different eyeshadow combinations. The shadows are not super pigmented, but they are soft and easy to blend.  I found that layering the colors gave me a great effect. the coppers and rusty shades are very cool.  I also love that there were ready-to-go lush lashes for a more dramatic effect. 

You can use the black eyeliner for basic lining, or to create a very dramatic cat eye.  You can even use the pencil to create other designs on your face like spiders, etc.
The blood red color of the gloss is very vampy and one you can easily use for other occasions when you want a bright, glossy mouth.

Pick up this limited edition set ASAP and have some fun this Halloween! - RLB

Tip: For the finishing touch on your nails this Halloween, try this multifaceted black Deborah Lippmann shade, Hit Me With Your Best Shot  or the deep black/green Dolce & Gabbana shade, Verde Bosco
Go--> Available at Target stores, and their two e.l.f. New York locations. 

*This product was provided courtesy of e.l.f. PR for reviewing purposes.
*Images courtesy of e.l.f.

Celebrity Fragrance Find - Beyonce Rise

A good fragrance is a good fragrance to me.  I don't discriminate between perfumes from European fragrance houses/famous fashion designers - and those of pop stars.

And Beyonce's perfumes have always been winners, in my opinion.

Beyonce's Rise is the latest in her fragrance collection, which also includes Beyonce Pulse and Beyonce Heat.

Rise is the first one of her scents that takes a more "woody" direction than the warmer, sweet route of the others, and I loved it.

Rise was named for Rise Up, Beyonce's song from the Epic movie soundtrack, and this is described as a "luminous floral" with the Gold Symphony Orchid flower at the heart.

The opening notes were actually much more masculine than I would have expected (a mix of the Bergamot and Iced Basil notes) - but they had a nice, sparkling quality to them.  Then it became a much more floral fragrance, with the orchid and freesia standing out on my skin, with a touch of sweetness from the vanilla.

But within an hour or so, the scent became woody and green, but remained on the lighter end.  The final dry down was a beautiful mix of the woods plus musky notes.

I think this is a perfect fragrance for those women who lean more towards masculine scents, but also those who like floral, woody, green fragrances.  It's an easy, everyday, versatile perfume that's perfect for work, weekends or more formal events.  The staying power on me was about 5 hours, and the silage (how much it "projects" around you) was average on me.

Like all of Beyonce's perfume bottles, Rise has a distinctive, glamourous, shape and cap, which will also make a great fragrance gift for those that also love bottle design. - RLB

Fragrance Notes:
Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Golden Apricot, Ice Basil Sorbet
Heart Notes: Gold Symphony Orchid, Freesia Blossom, Natural Jasmine Sambac
Bottom Notes: Autum Woods Accord, Cashmere Musk, Vetiver Extract

Go-->Beyonce Rise

*This product was provided courtesy of Beyonce Fragrances PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream

I've shared some fantastic Nyakio products with you in the past, and now Nyakio, whose brand pays homage to her Keyan heritage, natural African ingredients and highly effective skincare, has created a very unique product.

It's called ABC African Beauty Cream, and like some of my favorite BB Creams, brings the best of skincare and makeup coverage to you in 1 little tube.

The 5 shade ABC line gives sheer-to-medium coverage while also providing color correction, hydration, and SPF 20.

The consistency was really lovely to feel and use on my skin.  It was creamy in my hand out of the tube, but once I applied it to my face, it felt much lighter and very sheer. This worked well using a foundation brush, beauty blender or my fingers. I used the Coffee shade (pictured at the top on the far left), which melted into my skin seamlessly.  I loved the finish, which gave me a radiant sheen, and was semi-matte.  

The cream gave me great coverage very similar to a lightweight foundation, and provided hydration without feeling to oily or heavy.  Even better, the cream didn't have any white or grey cast even with it's sunscreen.  Less than a dime's worth was more than enough since it's very concentrated, so a little went a long way, which makes this a great deal as well.

If you have fairly good skin that is on the drier side and need everyday coverage, this is the perfect product! - RLB

Go-->Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream

*This product was provided courtesy of Nyakio PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Hard Candy Cream Nail Color

Hard Candy has been know for their nail polishes with cool and unique special finishes that involve Chrome, Confetti, Micro-Glitter, even "Sprinkle" effects.

Now, they've come out with a new line of nail polishes, Hard Candy Cream Nail Color  that is just a simple creme finish - but they're anything but boring.

This new formulation is amazing for the price ($4!) - not only are they rich, beautiful colors but no base or top coat is needed. 

They also have a super shiny finish - the next best thing to a salon gel manicure!

There are 15 creme shades in all, and among them some pretty blue, red and purple shades perfect for Fall and into the holiday season as well. 

They can also be layered with the other Hard Candy special effect polishes if you really want to create a unique manicure or do some nail art.

Three of my personal favorites were: Beach Babe, a coral based pink (pictured, top); Girls Night Out and Schoolhouse Rock, a unique "greige"/violet, (pictured, left) shade that's a nice new twist on the pale pink manicure.  The formula was creamy, non-streaky and the brush was the perfect length and width to get to easily get to all sides of my nails.  With two coats I got the exact shade in the bottle with tons of shine.  With no additional top coat, I got about 4 days chip free, but with an added top coat added after the 2nd day, I got about 6 days before noticing any major chipping on the tips.

By the way, if you looking for a darker, trendy shade and don't want to spend a ton of money, Blue Lagoon is also a STUNNING bright cobalt blue that looks like it's a lot more expensive that it is :).  - RLB

Go-->Hard Candy Cream Nail Color  Also available at Walmart stores.

*This product was provided courtesy of Hard Candy PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Votre Vu Cafe Creme Face Masque

You probably drank a cup this morning...

You may have even had a second cup (or more) today. :)

But now you can also add the stimulating qualities of coffee beans to your skin - and look amazing!

Votre Vu Cafe Creme Face Masque works to minimize pores, brighten skin and diminish under-eye circles. Among it's amazing list of natural ingredients is Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder, Coffee Seed Extract and Vitamin E

Not only does your skin get all the benefits of the coffee, but it smells amazing when you open the cap!  It's a very sweet caramel-type scent - actually not very heavy on the "Coffee" you might imagine this would smell like.

The texture of the masque was a little unusual for me, since it is billed as a "Creme" mask.  It's actually a thin texture and a bit watery going on the skin.  However, it was very silky, lightweight and smooth and spread very easily on my face.as I applied it.  Because it smelled so yummy, I often extended the application to the neck/decolletage to continue the scent experience and get the skin benefits at the same time!

The mask stays on for 15 min, and dries to a semi-hard finish.  During that time it became slightly cooling - particularly in my t zone area.  After rinsing, my skin was very toned, yet still soft and I had a nice rosy glow.

This was perfect to use in the AM before hopping in the shower, as well as on the weekends before heading out at night.  I loved using this about 2-3 times a week.  While this can work with all skin types, I think it's best for oily, combination and normal skin types. - RLB

Go-->Votre Vu Cafe Creme Face Masque
*This product was provided courtesy of Votre Vu PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Dolce + Gabbana Aurealux Eye Gel

Some of you may have heard that Dolce + Gabbana was coming out with luxe skin care to add on to their fragrance and color cosmetics lines - and now it's here!

This first review is for the Dolce + Gabbana Aurealux Eye Gel, but I had to opportunity to try several more products in the line up  (both from the Aurealux and Essential Lines) and will be adding those reviews soon, so watch this space!

Eye care products can do a lot now - from hydrate to tone the under eye area, but it's rare that the actual texture of an eye treatment is also a surprise, and this one is.

That's because not only is this a lightweight gel, it's also been formulated to actually have a "bouncy" effect when you touch it in the jar. The fancy term they use for it is, "bounce-back

The Aurealux Eye Gel is also made with the Gold Flavo-silk Tricomplex, which contains, gold silk sericin, italian olive oil extract and vitamin B3. As a matter of fact, the name of this skincare line is Inspired from the latin term “Gold” and “Light” = Aurealux.

While the top of the jar is brilliant gold, the gel inside is clear.  I easily spread a small amount on my fingers, which changed to a more liquified textured.  Once I applied it to my skin, the gel instantly melted into the skin under my eyes and made them look smooth and toned.  On contact and throughout the day the gel did a fantastic job of providing lots of hydration while not feeling or looking the least bit greasy or sticky.

After using daily 2x day my eye area looks more toned and slightly brighter.  I liked chilling my gel in the refrigerator to also work on any morning puffiness I might have as well.  I had no issues with applying makeup afterwards or it making my foundation/concealer pill or flake.

I loved how luxurious the gel felt (it's really not like any other gel you've ever experienced) and it's so concentrated, that this will last you over 6+ months on average, which makes this a good buy if you're in the market for upscale skincare.

Dolce + Gabbana have created effective skin care with innovative textures/ingredients, along with beautiful, vanity worthy packaging. Bottom line, if you want to treat yourself and your skin, this is a new line to consider. - RLB

 Go--> Available at Saks.com and in Saks stores.

*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce + Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - NARS Holiday 2014 Collection

Looking for a little something special to perk up your Fall, Winter and Holiday beauty looks?

Look no further than the beautiful and color-rich NARS Holiday 2014 Collection.

There's something for everyone in this year's lineup, but two of the stand out favorites are:

NARS Femme Fleur Hardwired Lipstick (shown, above).  This "Hardwired" lipstick series is a new lipstick finish which combines the unique pigment combinations with a sheen finish.  This color is a muted, dark copper brown at first glance.  But when you look at little closer after applying it, you can see just the faintest layer of golden shimmer.  

The color was opaque and also fairly moisturizing.  While not billed as a long lasting lipstick, I did get 4-5 hours with just a bit of fading after drinking coffee, etc.  This is now my go-to neutral shade!  It's perfect for day or night and I love how warm the brown tone is.  This is a shade that would look good on darker skin tones, and many with warm/olive skin tones as well.  The lipstick case also has the special holiday packaging design on the cap.

For nails, the new NARS Barents Sea Nail Polish (shown, left) is another unique and beautiful shade to incorporate into your collection.

This bold blue has a metallic finish and a deep blue fine shimmer that can be seen throughout.

The texture was thick and creamy and two coats did provide the color in the bottle.  This dries to a semi-shiny finish and I got about 4-5 days of wear with a top coat before any shipping.

There are two other nail shades shades in the Holiday 2014 Collection and all three have this beautiful specialized floral packaging on the bottle.  This is a true find for the beauty lover in your life if your starting to look for holiday stocking stuffers/gifts! - RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of NARS PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray, Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

So you've just blown out your hair and want to make sure it doesn't revert back to curly/wavy or even worse - become frizzy.

But let's say you also want a bit of hold for your sleek hair - without getting dry or "crunchy".
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, Firm-Hold, 12 oz is a product that does what it says - and does it well.

The hold on this fine mist spray is firm yet allows you to still run your hands through your hair.  It's amazing!  The spray allows hair to still be flexible, touchable and yet allows sleek waves
or bone straight hair to keep it's shape - even in humid/misty-rainy conditions.

The hairspray dries super fast (almost upon contact), and also gave my hair some added shine.  For those that want to keep hair curly/wavy, you can just spray on before finger styling or brushing, and you'll get all the anti-frizz benefits that you would with a serum or gel.

I also love that John Frieda has created a version benefiting October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Not only is this a product you'll want to stock up on, but when you do, you'll be helping so many people!  Now that's what I call beautiful :) - RLB

Go--> John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, Firm-Hold, 12 oz (Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness Edition shown above is available in most drugstores this month, nationwide).

Body Care Find - Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Collection

No time for a spa day (at home or at the real thing)?

All you need is a few minutes with some of these new Laura Mercier body care products from the new Verbena Infusion Collection and you'll feel like you've had one.
Laura's body care products have become favorites among beauty lovers, because they have rich, fragrant, unique scents and luxurious textures and packaging.

The latest, limited edition collection is very different from her other scents.  This one is meant for those of you who love crisp, grassy, green citrus notes.  

The fragrance is full and fresh and perfect for a pick me up in the mornings.  The fragrance notes are spearmint, fresh blossoms, white amber, and cedarwood.  This is a perfect collection to splurge on a few products for yourself, and a few more for beauty gifts for the fragrance lovers in your life.

This scent is perfect for a crisp, sunny Fall, and of course Spring and Summertime.

Here are some of my favorites in the line, which also includes a body body oil and scrub:

Verbena Infusion Eau De Toilette
This is the true essence of the scent.  I love how crisp and refreshing the opening notes are, and there's a nice staying power, which is always a treat from a lighter infusion like an Eau De Toilette.

Verbena Infusion Crème Body Cleanse
The body cleanser matches the Toilette and is a bit greener once the cleanser mixes with water.  It changes from a milky texture to a foam and then a lightweight (low) lather.  This is very moisturizing and I loved how soft and silky my skin felt when I rinsed.  It also makes the bathroom smell amazing afterwards!

Verbena Infusion Gel Body Moisture
This was a nice complement to the body cleanser for those parts of the body that need just a touch more moisture, like legs, elbows, feet, etc.  I loved this texture - it's a gel/creme hybrid that is featherweight but packs a serious punch with delivering moisture.  A little goes a long way and I love the packaging for this product in particular.  Lovely to look at and use! - RLB

Go-->Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Collection 

Fragrance Notes:
Spearmint, fresh blossoms, white amber, and cedarwood.

*These products were provided courtesy of Laura Mercier PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty For A Cause - SEPHORA The Beauty of Giving Back Blush Palette

I hope all you beauty lovers have come to realize how amazing SEPHORA collection products are.  And not only that - I can tell you, they're continually getting better.

Take this year's offering for Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the SEPHORA The Beauty of Giving Back Blush Palette.

Not only is this a fantastic deal (now $15 online and a $74 value), but the colors and formulas are pretty, easy to work with and provide great color variation for a wide variety of looks and skin tones.

I tend to lean towards corals and pinks, so the shades in this palette were right up my alley. There's also a very nice (Ombre effect!) powder bronzer shade in the middle of the palette which provides the perfect amount of glow and shimmer, but nothing over the top. I also loved using this an every day contouring powder. Next to the bronzer is another ombre effect powder blush with peach tones that I really loved for a quick pop of color in the mornings.

On the left side of the palette are three creamy, smooth, very pigment-rich cream blushes. They worked well on me applied with fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. On the right side are three powder blushes that do require a blush brush for application (there is no brush included in this palette).

The cream and powder shades also work really well together.  I would layer one of the cream blusher shades with a powder shade for more intensity and bolder color in the evening.  I got all-day wear out of both the cream and powder shades, with no fading, flaking or color transfer.
All in all, these are eight skin flattering shades you can use in so many ways to achieve natural or glamorous looks.  I think this is also a great product (with very pretty packaging too!) to buy several of for holiday beauty gifts - and provide more assistance to a wonderful cause while doing so. - RLB
A portion of the sale of this palette will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is dedicated to preventing and curing breast cancer within our lifetime.

*This product was provided courtesy of Sephora PR for reviewing purposes.

Nail Polish Find - Dolce + Gabbana 2014 Fall Intense Nail Lacquer Collection

For Fall 2014, Dolce + Gabbana have created some of their most breathtaking, luscious, Intense Nail Lacquer shades yet -Vinaccia (shown, above), Verde Bosco and Fiamma.

I love the richness of the colors, which were all inspired by the Dolce + Gabbana Fall 2014 fashion runway show. The collection was inspired by the essence of nature, and iridescent tones, and I think these three colors really embody this feeling.  

These three new shades give you lovely options for very dark rich manicure/pedicures, as well as a rich red, which will work for all occasions this season, and into Holiday time.

The formula is creamy and smooth and I experienced no streaking.  With two coats, I got the rich color in the bottle.  In the case of Vinaccia, which was my favorite, the finish is very deep and rich like an eggplant, and very shiny.  With a good base/top coat I got about 4/5 days of wear before seeing any chipping.

The other two shades are equally as beautiful. Verde Bosco is a rich deep forest green with no shimmer or glitter, but an abundance of dimension from a mix of some iridescent green tones.  This is a great choice for those of you looking for a new dark polish and want something outside of a black or blue shade.

Fiamma is also a beautiful shade.  It's a very sophisticated red that looks amazing on nails and toes, and is such a rich, deep shade, it also looks great on all skin tones.  

Try to treat yourself to at least 2 of these beauties this season! Perhaps add a third for a lovely holiday beauty stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your life as well. - RLB

Go--->Available at Saks.com

*These products were provided courtesy of Dolce + Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Hard Candy Sheer Glow All The Way Luminizing Highlighter

A few years ago I raved about the original Hard Candy Glow All the Way Luminizing Highlighter in my Impulse buy of the Week series.

Then, a few weeks ago while attending a Hard Candy product launch event , I got some GREAT news...

Hard Candy had created a second version of the Glow All the Way, called Sheer Glow All the Way.

And there are two shades, In the Buff and Blushing Babe.

Whereas Glow all the Way was a illuminating lotion for face and body, Sheer Glow All the Way is a more subtle, lighter illuminator, perfect to mix into moisturizer or bronzer, or layer alone on skin for a fresh, glowy- makeup free look.

These new sheer versions are made with 24 karat gold dust, (which is what creates the fine shimmer effect).  The texture and feel of these are as a lovely as the original.  The sheer formula is soft, silky smooth and glided on my skin easily.  This gave me a primer-like effect when I was running short on time in the AM.

In The Buff which is a sheer bronze, was my go-to choice.  When used on my cleansed and bare skin, it was sheer enough that I could see the radiance and very fine shimmer coming through on my skin, but it was subtle enough to work in any day time situation or work without being to showy.

The Blushing Babe, which is a very sheer pink, was also very nice, and since these are both so sheer, anyone with darker skin tones can still use them.  I would say If you have a cooler undertone, Blushing Babe will be a great choice for a very natural look, and if you have warmer undertones, In the Buff will work better to get that effect.  This also mixed very well with my BB cream and foundations, adding a touch or radiance to their color and coverage - perfect!

Not only is this a budget friendly prince ($8!), but you'll have it forever because it's so concentrated.  I would say no more than a large pea sized amount is needed for the face.  If you have any left over, use it on your neck and decolletage.

Like the original Glow all the Way, these can also be used mixed with your moisturizer on the body, and they really gave me a great, healthy glow.  The sheer version mixed easily with moisturizer due to it's texture and spread well.  Even for the body, you'll still only need about a quarter size amount for both legs/arms, etc.  When used on the body, my skin stayed hydrated and supple and the color didn't rub or smudge off, or get patchy or flaky during the day.

Of course these can also be used as your standard spot highlighters, on cheekbones, brow bones, etc.  I used it with a MAKE UP FOR EVER 140 Small Highlighter Brush.  Another great way is to use it with a beauty blender sponge.  Pick up a tube and experiment - you're going to love it! - RLB

Go--> Available at Walmart stores.

*This product was provided courtesy of Hard Candy PR for reviewing purposes.

Nail Polish Find - Deborah Lippmann Nail Color, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, with Pat Benatar

You know how you may have a lot dress/jackets/shoes of a certain color (like black) - but there's always a new piece you want to add to your closet is just a bit different - but just enough that you just have to have it?

That's now I felt about Deborah Lippmann Nail Color, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, with Pat Benatar. I mean, it's not like I don't have lots of dark nail shades (including black and near black nail shades) - but something about this one was different - and fabulous.

The shade was created with rock veteran Pat Benatar and is named after one of her most popular hits, Hit Me With Your Best Shot,.  This is a shade which perfectly encompasses the essence of Pat.  It's really well done!

This is a black with a base of charcoal gray.  But what makes this shade so gorgeous is that this is a very fine shimmer that's really only noticeable in direct light.  The shimmer plus the shiny finish make this an equally chic and edgy shade, and perfect for Fall manicures.  The shimmer has a very blue/silver tint which is what "lifts" the gray and makes this shade so unique. Because the shimmer is fine, it will also work for daytime without being over the top.

If you're searching for a dark nail color that's not quite black - but not an average gray either, this is a perfect option for you.    The formula is creamy and medium-thick with no streaking.  With two coats I got the shade in the bottle, and with a good base/top coat, I got about 5 days wear before any minimal chipping on the tips.

This is a color you'll be reaching for and your friends will be asking about - a lot. - RLB

P.S. This is also a cool nail shade for upcoming Halloween nail looks!

Natural Fragrance Find - Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance, Vanilla Blackberry


I know there are a lot of you Vanilla-scented product fans out there - and also fans of the all Vanilla-based body care line,Lavanila.

This latest scent combination, Vanilla Blackberry, is the perfect mix of sweetness and warmth mixed with lovely berries surrounding you.  And, if you're also a fan of natural fragrances, this one will be a big hit for you.

The opening notes of Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance, Vanilla Blackberry are bright, crisp and sweet - but balanced out by the perfect amount of vanilla. 
This gives the scent and cozy-ness and warmness that is very appealing.  The scent warmed up on me after the initial notes and settled into a beautiful and comforting berry mix with just a touch of floral.  

What I really appreciated about The Healthy Fragrance, Vanilla Blackberry, 1.7 fl oz  is that because it's blended by master natural perfumers, the berries smell rich, full and most of all - authentic.

The dry down kept the essence of the fruit, but became richer and fuller with a bit more of the Vanilla.It's a great everyday fragrance, perfectly appropriate for the office/work environments and also a great gift for the friend in your life that is using more natural beauty products, but doesn't want to compromise on quality or luxury.

The scent had an average staying power on me (about 3-4 hours) so I did need to reapply in the late afternoon/early evening, but loved being able to quickly do so with the Roller Ball,version! - RLB 

Fragrance Notes: ripe blackberry, juicy raspberry, velvet iris, Madagascar vanilla.

*This product was provided courtesy of Lavanila PR for reviewing purposes.

Reader Giveaway! - Dove Moisture Body Wash Collection AND Exclusive Necklace

This giveaway is now over.

Our friends at Dove invite you to take the #OneShowerChallenge, getting your skin softer and smoother in time for the colder Fall and Winter Months.

We will be giving away to 1 reader their choice of one of the three new Dove Body Washes, along with an exclusive One Shower Challenge inspired necklace (shown, left) so that a lucky reader can accessorize her softer, smoother skin!

You can choose from their Gentle Exfoliating, Deep Moisture or Sensitive Skin versions, all featuring their patented Nutrium Moisture technology.

Here's all you have to do to enter: send an e-mail to:

2. Write in the subject line: DoveChallenge

3. Include your: name, address and telephone number. That's it!


The deadline for entries will be Friday Oct 10th, 2014, at 12pm midnight EST.

The giveaway is open only to US residents.

Only 1 entry per person please.

Good Luck! - RLB

Drugstore Buy of the Week - Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer

Milani has recently revamped their line of inexpensive nail polishes and if you've never experienced the brand, now's the time to take a look!

Milani nail polishes are not only affordable (about $3.99), but now with their expanded color range, it's the perfect line to try that bold blue, glitter shade or daring pink (most of the shades are conservative and there are a lot of variations on red) , that you don't know if you'll be committed to 6 months from now - so why spend a lot of money? There are 36 shades in all.  And even better, you can use these products knowing that they are also cruelty free.

Two shades which were seen on the SS New York Fashion Week runways were Corrupted Coral and Spotlight White.  While these will be perfect for next spring and summer, I think the white is a shade which has become a new "nude" or neutral for all skin tones, and is a nice change of pace year round.

Spotlight White (shown at the top), is a pure white creme shade with no glitter or shimmer.  The formula is smooth and on the thicker side.  With a good base and top coat, I found I needed two coats
of the nail polish for a true glossy white.  The polish wear is pretty good as well, and I noticed only a few chips coming in after about the 4th day.

Corrupted Coral (shown, left) will definitely be in my coral shade rotation come the warmer months.  It's a very nice soft blend of pink and orange, and also fairly smooth and thick.  The brush in this new bottle is shorter and a bit wider, so it's easier to cover the nail bed with fewer strokes (which means less change to smudge or mess it up when doing an at home manicure).- RLB

Go--> Available at CVS stores, online and Milanicosmetics.com

 *These products were provided courtesy of Milani PR for reviewing purposes.

Super Cute! - Smashbox Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lipstick Ring Still Kickin’

In this series of beauty and personal care product finds - Super Cute! - I share with you products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too.

When I first learned about the singer Santigold/Smashbox collaboration, I was intrigued - the color palettes are very unique and the packaging, cool.

But then I stumbled upon the Golden snake embossed Smashbox Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lipstick Ring Still Kickin’ Ring and this is the product in the collection that held my attention.  

Designed by Jules Kim, the edgy snake-motif ring comes bedecked in Swarovski crystals for a dash of glam. The rich coral lipstick, which can double as a subtle cheek color, features a lustrous finish and formula made from moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C and E.

Not only is the ring a very sizable, bold, beautiful piece of work, but the limited edition lipstick inside, called Be Legendary, is a very pretty coral red that will flatter all skin tones. 

The ring is heavy, so it's not really for running around doing errands, but for a night out statement piece - this is IT. By the way, Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lipstick Ring Still Kickin’ Ring would also make a very cool beauty gift for that girl "who has everything" (even the ring's box packaging is cool!)

When you open this up to touch up your lips, believe me, you'll get noticed!  I loved talking about the ring when people asked.  - RLB