Beauty Find - Dolce + Gabbana Aurealux Eye Gel

Some of you may have heard that Dolce + Gabbana was coming out with luxe skin care to add on to their fragrance and color cosmetics lines - and now it's here!

This first review is for the Dolce + Gabbana Aurealux Eye Gel, but I had to opportunity to try several more products in the line up  (both from the Aurealux and Essential Lines) and will be adding those reviews soon, so watch this space!

Eye care products can do a lot now - from hydrate to tone the under eye area, but it's rare that the actual texture of an eye treatment is also a surprise, and this one is.

That's because not only is this a lightweight gel, it's also been formulated to actually have a "bouncy" effect when you touch it in the jar. The fancy term they use for it is, "bounce-back

The Aurealux Eye Gel is also made with the Gold Flavo-silk Tricomplex, which contains, gold silk sericin, italian olive oil extract and vitamin B3. As a matter of fact, the name of this skincare line is Inspired from the latin term “Gold” and “Light” = Aurealux.

While the top of the jar is brilliant gold, the gel inside is clear.  I easily spread a small amount on my fingers, which changed to a more liquified textured.  Once I applied it to my skin, the gel instantly melted into the skin under my eyes and made them look smooth and toned.  On contact and throughout the day the gel did a fantastic job of providing lots of hydration while not feeling or looking the least bit greasy or sticky.

After using daily 2x day my eye area looks more toned and slightly brighter.  I liked chilling my gel in the refrigerator to also work on any morning puffiness I might have as well.  I had no issues with applying makeup afterwards or it making my foundation/concealer pill or flake.

I loved how luxurious the gel felt (it's really not like any other gel you've ever experienced) and it's so concentrated, that this will last you over 6+ months on average, which makes this a good buy if you're in the market for upscale skincare.

Dolce + Gabbana have created effective skin care with innovative textures/ingredients, along with beautiful, vanity worthy packaging. Bottom line, if you want to treat yourself and your skin, this is a new line to consider. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce + Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

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