Drugstore Buy of the Week - Hard Candy Sheer Glow All The Way Luminizing Highlighter

A few years ago I raved about the original Hard Candy Glow All the Way Luminizing Highlighter in my Impulse buy of the Week series.

Then, a few weeks ago while attending a Hard Candy product launch event , I got some GREAT news...

Hard Candy had created a second version of the Glow All the Way, called Sheer Glow All the Way.

And there are two shades, In the Buff and Blushing Babe.

Whereas Glow all the Way was a illuminating lotion for face and body, Sheer Glow All the Way is a more subtle, lighter illuminator, perfect to mix into moisturizer or bronzer, or layer alone on skin for a fresh, glowy- makeup free look.

These new sheer versions are made with 24 karat gold dust, (which is what creates the fine shimmer effect).  The texture and feel of these are as a lovely as the original.  The sheer formula is soft, silky smooth and glided on my skin easily.  This gave me a primer-like effect when I was running short on time in the AM.

In The Buff which is a sheer bronze, was my go-to choice.  When used on my cleansed and bare skin, it was sheer enough that I could see the radiance and very fine shimmer coming through on my skin, but it was subtle enough to work in any day time situation or work without being to showy.

The Blushing Babe, which is a very sheer pink, was also very nice, and since these are both so sheer, anyone with darker skin tones can still use them.  I would say If you have a cooler undertone, Blushing Babe will be a great choice for a very natural look, and if you have warmer undertones, In the Buff will work better to get that effect.  This also mixed very well with my BB cream and foundations, adding a touch or radiance to their color and coverage - perfect!

Not only is this a budget friendly prince ($8!), but you'll have it forever because it's so concentrated.  I would say no more than a large pea sized amount is needed for the face.  If you have any left over, use it on your neck and decolletage.

Like the original Glow all the Way, these can also be used mixed with your moisturizer on the body, and they really gave me a great, healthy glow.  The sheer version mixed easily with moisturizer due to it's texture and spread well.  Even for the body, you'll still only need about a quarter size amount for both legs/arms, etc.  When used on the body, my skin stayed hydrated and supple and the color didn't rub or smudge off, or get patchy or flaky during the day.

Of course these can also be used as your standard spot highlighters, on cheekbones, brow bones, etc.  I used it with a MAKE UP FOR EVER 140 Small Highlighter Brush.  Another great way is to use it with a beauty blender sponge.  Pick up a tube and experiment - you're going to love it! - RLB

Go--> Available at Walmart stores.

*This product was provided courtesy of Hard Candy PR for reviewing purposes.

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