Nail Polish Find - Deborah Lippmann Nail Color, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, with Pat Benatar

You know how you may have a lot dress/jackets/shoes of a certain color (like black) - but there's always a new piece you want to add to your closet is just a bit different - but just enough that you just have to have it?

That's now I felt about Deborah Lippmann Nail Color, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, with Pat Benatar. I mean, it's not like I don't have lots of dark nail shades (including black and near black nail shades) - but something about this one was different - and fabulous.

The shade was created with rock veteran Pat Benatar and is named after one of her most popular hits, Hit Me With Your Best Shot,.  This is a shade which perfectly encompasses the essence of Pat.  It's really well done!

This is a black with a base of charcoal gray.  But what makes this shade so gorgeous is that this is a very fine shimmer that's really only noticeable in direct light.  The shimmer plus the shiny finish make this an equally chic and edgy shade, and perfect for Fall manicures.  The shimmer has a very blue/silver tint which is what "lifts" the gray and makes this shade so unique. Because the shimmer is fine, it will also work for daytime without being over the top.

If you're searching for a dark nail color that's not quite black - but not an average gray either, this is a perfect option for you.    The formula is creamy and medium-thick with no streaking.  With two coats I got the shade in the bottle, and with a good base/top coat, I got about 5 days wear before any minimal chipping on the tips.

This is a color you'll be reaching for and your friends will be asking about - a lot. - RLB

P.S. This is also a cool nail shade for upcoming Halloween nail looks!

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