2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Beauty Brush + Travel Wrap

When I heard that one of my favorite jewelry designers, Alexis Bittar, was teaming up  with SEPHORA to create a line of beauty accessories - I was REALLY excited.
I knew they would be bold and glamorous collector pieces.
And I wasn't disappointed one bit!
The SEPHORA COLLECTION ALEXIS BITTAR LIQUID GOLD: BEAUTY BRUSH + TRAVEL WRAP is the perfect holiday treat to yourself - or a very special person in your life who loves all things beauty.

The limited edition set contains a Alexis Bittar custom-designed pointed powder brush and jewelry-inspired travel pouch.

The large brush is truly a work of art, and while sturdy, I personally won't be using it every day.  I plan on using it for my lightlighter/lumizinging powers for special beauty looks.

The quality of the brush is excellent and the bristles are cut and tapered very well, along with a high grade of brush hair (It's called satine, a synthetic hair that creates excellent pickup and soft application).  There is quite a bit of heft/weight to this brush, so it's best left for at home use.  The lucite handle is embellished with Swarovski crystals and plated with 24 karat gold.
Now let's talk about the travel wrap.
It's very soft and the perfect size to house and protect jewelry/brushes while traveling.  I love how it's shaped and the sophisticated cut and gold jewelry details on it (see left for the open view).  (Yes, you can also carry this as a night time clutch as the zippered pouched will house keys, lipstick, etc. as well).
And here's nice big bonus: Inside the box is a $25.00 off card to be used at Alexis Bittar Boutiques or his website online. And that also makes it GREAT gift idea for this year! - RLB

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