2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - NUXE Rêve de Miel 20th Anniversary Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

As I've found out first hand, there's a reason this NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm is repurchased more than almost any other.

However I should note that as wonderful as this balm is, it is potentially very different from the type you may normally use.

The texture is quite thick and dense, with a waxy feel.  However, the balm just glided on my lips and melted into them like butter - but absorbed instantly.

There was no greasiness or residual oil, but my lips were soft and felt very hydrated.  In the mornings, this was the first thing I reached for,  It was the perfect base for my lipsticks (in particular the matte formulas, as this balm as a matte finish).  It has a very refreshing Grapefruit flavour which is not overwhelming.

This balm is ideal to apply before bed in the cold, winter months, as well as before a day spent outdoors in cold, dry, snowy weather.

Because of the essential oils and honey, it's also very good for extra dry skin that can occur around the corners of the mouth (for example if you have slight eczema or dermatitis), as it moisturizes as well as calms the skin and rough patches.  This is also ideal to use post-lip exfoliation, which I usually do about 3 times a week in the colder, winter months.
While this is a pot formulation (I know some of you hate sticking your hands in pots for lip products!), it's good enough that I would say if it really bothers you, just apply with a lip brush or q-tip.
With a generous layer of this balm, my lips were soft and supple for many hours ( I did reapply a second time later in the day before retouching my lip color).

I also love this balm for travel, as it's heavy-duty enough to provide moisture even on dry airplanes.

While this balm is also on the higher-end price wise, it's a large pot which is filled to the top and very concentrated, making it worth every $$$.

And guess what?

This year NUXE is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Rêve de Miel 20th Anniversary Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with 3 different limited edition color jars.  Red is shown at the top, above.  There's also a yellow and green version (shown, left).

Note: This collector Lip Balm has the exact same formula than the original Lip Balm.

Stock up on all three color variants for stocking stuffers and to keep your lips in great shape at home/office and while traveling or at the gym.  - RLB

This product was provided courtesy of NUXE for reviewing purposes.


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