2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia Eau de Toilette

Give a unique fragrance gift (that's also easy on your wallet) this year with Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia Eau de Toilette.
This fruity-floral and slightly spicy scent is perfect for the woman who likes to make a bigger statement with her fragrance.
The scent is strong and lasts all day - however, the overall feel is still quite lightweight, because there are some drier green notes and the fruit never get too deep or sweet.  A few spritzes is all you need and you're good to go for the entire day.  
Because of the fruitiness this may initially seem like a summer scent, but to me, the deepness of some of the fruit notes, combined with the spice, make this also ideal for the Fall and Winter.
The scent has a higher than average sillage (that's how far from the body the scent is projected) on me and lasted at least 6+ hours before it began to fade to the dry down.
The dry down was very soft, still slightly fruity and also lasted another 3+ hours on me.
I loved using a small spritz as a hair perfume as well!
This is a fragrance gem right in the Target isle. And with this great price ($19.99), you can pick up one for yourself too. - RLB

Go--> Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia Eau de Toilette. The Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia Travel set with body butter and shower gel (shown, above) is also available.

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