Beauty Find - Dolce + Gabbana Essential Face Cleansing Oil

A few weeks ago, I started sharing products from the new Dolce + Gabbana skincare range with all of you - their fantastic eye gel and face cream from the Aurealux line.

The range also includes another line called the Essential collection, and Dolce + Gabbana Essential Face Cleansing Oil is one of the gems. Note: For other skincare needs, the Essential collection also includes, Essential Cleansing Gel, Essential Cleansing Milk, Essential Cleansing Water, Essential Eye Make Up Remover, Essential Exfoliator, Essential Toner and Essential UV cream.

If you are already a facial cleansing oil fan, this one will give you everything you love about cleansing with oil (moisture, toning, a healthy glow, makeup removal) with a luxurious twist.  And even if you're new to this category, you'll find that oils can work with all skin types (even oily or sensitive).

The texture of the oil is slightly thick/gel-like, and smooth (it's not very runny) and I used about two pumps per washing.  What I loved about the oil was that as I massaged the oil into my skin in a circular motion, it never felt too slick, wet or heavy.  The oil removed all my makeup and smoothed and hydrated my combination skin at the same time.  I loved using to do an evening mini facial massage before bed.  The scent is feminine and relaxing (slightly citrus, with a bit of floral, which dissipated after rinsing off.).

As I applied water to rinse off, the texture of the oil became creamy and "milky" and rinsed cleanly off my skin.  After drying off, my skin was perfectly hydrated, smooth with no tightness or residual greasiness.

If you want to upgrade your facial cleanser, or just add to your Dolce + Gabbana beauty/skincare collection, this is the perfect product to pick up.  - RLB

Go-->Available at and in Saks stores.

*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce + Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

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