Budget Beauty Buy - e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes

If you've ever found yourself a little dry after a day at the office, taking a shower at the gym or while traveling, you know that having something effective, small and preferably, portable is a big beauty lifesaver.

Now you can have all of that with e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes.  I'm a huge fan of wipes as many of you know and I'm constantly amazed by the advancements in wipe technology every year.
e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes are infused with a lightweight yet very hydrating moisturizer that can be used on face or body.  They are non-drippy, so they are very easy to take out and apply basically anywhere you go.  The wipes are housed in a resealable soft pack and there are 15 wipes in a pack.  The wipes are each about the size of a standard tissue.

There are 6 lovely scents available, and my personal favorites were Peony Petal (shown, above) and Shea Butter.

When I applied the wipe on my skin, it felt moist.  And as I continued to swipe a few more times on my skin, it did feel like I was rubbing a light lotion on my body.  Within about 30 sec however, the lotion from the wipe was completely absorbed and dried.  I was very happy there was no sticky or gummy residue or feel, and the light fragrance was really nice.  (The fragrance lingered only a few minutes after application, so it didn't interfere with any added fragrance, light body spray, perfume, cologne, scented deodorant, etc that I decided to use afterwards).

As for the hydration, I was also impressed.  I tried these after a morning shower, as well as when I was on the go traveling or at the office. With the skin on my body being on the dry side, it hydrated all areas like legs, feet, elbows, arms for most of the day after using.  In some cases, when I was on a plane or in a dry office environment, I did have to use a few wipes, such as after washing my hands, for example, when they became dry again.

And at this great price ($3) I think these are a must have to stock up on and keep in your daily bag/school bag, travel bag and gym bag.  Convenience, price and performance don't get much better than this! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of e.l.f. PR for reviewing purposes.  

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