Fragrance Find - Georgia by Robin McGraw Fragrance

This is one of those fragrance discoveries that just makes my day!
With a name like "Georgia", I have to admit before I tried the perfume, I assumed this new scent from Robin McCraw would be SWEET - and the kind of over the top syrupy-peach//fruity-ness that I personally, don't enjoy.
But what a pleasant surprise this turned out to be. 
This scent, (which was inspired by the strength, love and power of her mother, who was named Georgia) is very unique and sophisticated. 

Georgia by Robin McGraw scent starts out quite zesty and sparkling, and then melds into a very refreshing, almost "velvety" floral/citrus blend.  The opening lasted quite a long time on me and was lovely and relaxing.  As the scent developed further during the day, it became richer with floral notes, but always perfectly balanced.  The dry down was a beautiful mix of warm amber and musks which played with the floral notes well into the end of the day.

One of my favorite things about this scent is how long it lasted.  With just a few spritzes in the AM, I could still smell the scent at almost full strength well into the evening.

It's such a great scent that I also encourage you to buy the HSN Georgia set  (shown, left) which also includes the Georgia fragrance, the fantastic, silky and very moisturizing Georgia Foaming Shower Gel and a notepad with the inspirational "Reasons I'm Fabulous" embossed in gold on it.  When I layed both products the scent stayed with me well into the next morning.

This is a perfect scent for those of you who like something off the beaten path, like long lasting scents and really want to be unique in the fragrance "foot print" you leave in your world. 

While the scent is long lasting , the silage is average, which means you're not in danger of overwhelming a room if you're in a business meeting, or having the fragrance reach people before you walk into the room (but I got LOTS of compliments while wearing it out and about).

This is perfect for Fall and Winter and will work well for both daytime and nighttime wear.

Georgia is really well done and a scent you should explore! - RLB

Fragrance Notes:

Pink Freesia
Water Lotus
Tea Leaf
Coral Musk

 Go--> Georgia by Robin McGraw Fragrance available on as well as

*These products were provided courtesy of Georgia by Robin McGraw PR for reviewing purposes. 

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