Hair Care Find - Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler

7Seconds is not a common unit of time when it comes to beauty product directions. 

But in this case, 7 seconds is like a godsend when you have to deal with a "mangle of tangles"!  
Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler is one of the most powerful detangler sprays I've come across in a LONG time. 

The spray is lightweight and has a great, fresh and slightly citrus scent. With just a few pumps I would either apply it directly on a specific tangle (for the 7 sec or a little more), do other things like apply a mask, apply a coat of nail polish, etc. and when I came back to it, the tangle was significantly softer, looser and easier to comb/brush out. This also works well after washing/conditioning to use as a leave in conditioner and also just ease combing or brushing hair, especially if you have very curly/wavy hair.

 Your hair tools will simply just glide through your hair! If you're using for just a general leave in and pre-comb treatment, just a few pumps are all that's needed, as it's very concentrated. If you have a specific tangle (especially on a little one), you may need to do a few pumps directly on the tangle, comb, and then repeat gently. This spay makes a big difference in the strength of the hair, and reduces the amount of hair breakage. It also didn't leave my hair sticky, gummy or oily. My hair remained smooth and still had nice movement - not stiff or hard at all. 

This costs a little more than the average detangler - but it's worth every penny! Stock up on this for you and for little ones if you have them, to avoid the "ouchies!" when combing out their hair.- RLB 

Go-->Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler,8fl.oz/236ml

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