2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Formula X Press Pods Gift Tags

I can't think of a better beauty gift than one which doubles as a stocking stuffer - and a gift tag!

Formula X Press Pods Gift Tags 7 x 0.03 oz  are 7 individually packaged holiday versions of Sephora's popular Formula X Press Pods.

The way the pods work is you simply twist the cap open and roll the bristles between your fingers to loosen up the brush (Do NOT skip this step or the polish can apply streaky or clumpy!).

Then all you do is press the pod while holding it upside down until the polish fills the brush and then start painting your nails from the center of the nail. Voila!

The Formula X Press Pods formula is high shine and dries very fast.

Formula X Press Pods Gift Tags come in a wide range of shades from neutrals to berries and reds - so there's something for everyone.  This is perfect if you're: 1) breaking up the gift to give out individually, 2) adding to several gifts boxes as a gift name tag or 3) giving the whole package itself as one gift. Note: Because of the amount of polish in the pods, these will work best on those with short nails.

Formula X Press Pods will come in handy for travel, and will delight little budding beauty lovers and teenagers who get bored with their nail color often! - RLB

P.S. The Formula X  Base/Top coats are some of the best on the market and my personal favorites!  You can also add these to make the gift complete. :)

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