2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Anna Sui Limited Edition Body Powder Puff

Today's gift pick is for those that love using body powders - and for those that love festive, unique packaging!

Anna Sui Limited Edition Powder Puff not only features a bright, cherry red puff and signature Anna Sui-patterned wand applicator - but it also has the powder already filled inside the puff.

So all you have to do when ever you want a little shimmer before a big night out is just tap the puff and the powder will release gently on your skin.

The shimmer is noticeable, but very fine, and the color is flattering to all skin tones since is a combination of pink and golden pearl powder.

The puff is super fluffy and soft, (and after the powder is finished, you can use as a puff applicator with another powder of your choice).

This is one for a beauty lovers display collection for sure - a true "fairy-like" beauty item :) - RLB

Go-->Anna Sui Limited Edition Body Powder Puff available at b-glowing.com.

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