Beauty App Find - MyTime

If you've ever wished there were an easy way to book appointments for all your favorite beauty services, the new app,
My Time, is just what you need.

Both the app (and their companion site allow you to search by your zip code all the beauty 
businesses in your area, access their offerings and service information and then make an appointment in just a few minutes.

For those businesses that are in the directory but not yet signed up with the MyTime service, My Time also offers a concierge
service where they will call up your salon, spa, etc. and make the appointment for you.  All appointments are confirmed via a very handy e-mail system, as well as on the site when you set up an account.

When I road tested the service, I made an manicure appointment with one of my local nail salons, which was not part of the network. The MyTime reps did a fantastic job confirming my appointment and taking care of all the details before I arrived.  They even thew in an extra 10 minute massage! :)

While Health/Beauty appointments are what I focused on when test driving this app, MyTime also allows you to make appointments for many useful every day categories like: Automotive, Home + Garden, Pets, Medical +Dental and Sports +Fitness.

Start of 2015 with all your beauty needs taken care with just a click and a swipe on your smartphone! - RLB


Click to download the iPhone app (also available for Android)

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