Beauty Find - Lancome Creme Radiance Clarifying Cream to Foam Cleanser

For 2015, skincare is going to get even more exciting!  Watch this space each week as I feature new, advanced formulas and innovative products you're going to love.  

For my first skincare pick for this year. Lancome CREME RADIANCE Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser is an ideal, luxurious and effective solution for combination or oily skin that tends to break out and needs a exfoliating boost or sensitive skin.

CREME RADIANCE Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser has a very thick, rich and creamy texture - and is so concentrated that literally no more than a pea-sized amount is enough to cleanse you face and get maximum foam action (if you love this like it do!).  The cleanser is perfect for day or night, and with gentle ingredients like White Lotus and soothing Rose de France it can also be used to gently remove makeup without drying or irritating skin. 

I loved pairing CREME RADIANCE  with my Clarisonic, especially in the AM, where the cream gradually turned into a silky, smooth foam on my skin with the addition of a bit of water.  The effect was immediately calming and moisturizing, and after rinsing, while I didn't feel like there was a lot of residue or film left on my skin, it did feel cushiony soft with a noticeable layer of moisture.  So that means If you like the "squeaky clean" effect after rinsing, this does not give that type of result.

After rinsing the CREME RADIANCE Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser off, my skin felt very balanced between my more oily and drier areas.  My skin had a beautiful glow and I loved the subtle, gentle slightly floral scent, which didn't irritate my skin or become too overwhelming.

Start off the new year with a treat for your oily or combination skin that you'll look forward to using each and every day. - RLB

This product was provided courtesy of Lancome PR for reviewing purposes.

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