Beauty Find - PIXI by Petra Glow Mist

Pixi has taken her skincare product line to a NEW level with the amazing Pixi - Glow MistThis is now my go-to facial mist to rehydrate or refresh my makeup at the end of the day, to add moisture while on planes, as well as to add as the finishing touch to set makeup and give me that "glow".

Purchase Here: Pixi - Glow Mist

The formula is perfect for drier as well as combination skin, with the very moisturizing and soothing Argan Oil, of which I'm a big fan!

After misting my face, the  Glow Mist dried quickly and didn't leave a sticky finish - it made my skin feel baby soft to the touch!  The glow gave the drier areas of my skin that special touch, without making other areas look or feel greasy.  The mist also smells so clean and fresh with a light citrus/floral blend, it's definitely easy to spray on several times a day just to enjoy it.

Purchase Here: Pixi - Glow Mist

 Glow Mist did a nice job of both setting my makeup, as well as refreshing it, without making my makeup fade, smudge or change texture.  This is also very good for soothing minor redness or skin irritations like dry patches on the face.

If you need hydration, or just like a dewy finish to your skin Pixi - Glow Mist will become your little beauty secret weapon!  

Stock up on this one girls... - RLB

Purchase Here: Pixi - Glow Mist

*This product was provided courtesy of PIXI PR for reviewing purposes.

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