Body Care Find - Lancome Nutrix Royal BodyCream

Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Cream is about as rich, luxurious and decadent as a body cream can get.

The texture of the body butter was thick and dense in the jar, but remarkably silky and lightweight when I applied it to my skin. There was a bit of oily or "slick" feeling to the cream when it first went on, but within seconds it absorbed into the skin. My skin was immediately hydrated with a beautiful glistening sheen, which was perfect for my drier legs and feet.  Equally as impressive, this cream gave me lasting moisture and relief from dry skin all day long - even in very harsh, cold temperatures.

This cream is scented, and it's a very pleasant fresh floral that could double as a very light fragrance for the day.  The scent lingered softly for a few hours on me but it was not overwhelming.  Another plus:  The jar is huge, and the cream is very concentrated (about a Quarter-sized amount is enough for several areas of the body each). So while this is not an inexpensive product, the quality certainly makes it a value buy, since you'll be indulging with it every day (trust me).

While this is a body cream, I have to say, it also doubled as a intense overnight hand treatment for me, as well as a hand cream during the day when I was at home after hand washings. During this harsh winter, this is the cream that I keep reaching for every day.  It continues to make my skin softer and improve the tone as well.  Lancome Nutrix Royal Body also makes an excellent treat after doing at-home spa treatments. You'll actually feel as pampered as if you'd been to a spa :)

This is, hands down, one of the best luxury creams for dry and very dry skin - and it's worth every penny.  If you want to upgrade your everyday hydrating lotion, with superior performance, look no further than Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Cream - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Lancome PR for reviewing purposes.

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